House of Sand and Fog Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Part I: Section 1 | Part I: Section 2

• Behrani finds a house for sale at auction and decides to invest the last of his money to buy it.

• Behrani buys the house.

• Behrani tells his wife and son they are moving.

• Kathy learns that she is being evicted from her home.

• Kathy is unable to persuade the policemen that a mistake has been made.

Part I: Section 3 | Part I: Section 4

• Behrani quits both of his jobs.

• Kathy works at her jobs happily, believing the error will soon be repaired.

• Connie Walsh calls to inform Kathy that the house has already been sold.

• Lester finds Kathy and advises her to wait for the lawyer to solve the problem.

Part I: Section 5 | Part I: Section 6

• The Behrani family moves into the house.

• The carpenters begin work on the widow's walk.

• Kathy learns that it will take at least several weeks to get...

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