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Essay Topic 1

Write an essay on all the ways that Edith feels her life will change if she marries Mr. Neville. How does she feel that her life will change socially? Where will she live? How will being married change the way that she feels about herself?

Essay Topic 2

Edith's last letter to David discusses all the questions that the reader has accumulated throughout the book. Write about all the information the reader is given in this last letter. What did you find out about all of the past letters that Edith wrote in the book? How often did David and Edith meet? What was both Edith and David's commitment levels to their relationship? Why has David not contacted Edith?

Essay Topic 3

When Edith sees Mr. Neville sneaking out of Jennifer's bedroom at the end of the book, it says that she wasn't surprised to see this. Why...

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