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Prologue- Chapter 1

• Lonnie reminisces about his childhood on his family ranch in Texas and how life was slower before the advent of modern-day technology, especially mass communication.

• Lonnie is seventeen and lives with his grandparents and uncle on the family ranch.

• His granddad is old and patient; his step-granny is old and crabby, and his step-uncle is a good cowboy but belligerent and loves to go to town and party.
• Halmea is the Black cook who lives in a small house on the ranch, and she is the only one who can ever keep Granny happy.

• Halmea is lazy a lot of the time, but she gets the job done in between reading magazines and painting her toenails.

• Although she is old, and makes no effort to be sexy, Lonnie focuses his teenage lust on Halmea, and she laughs off Lonnie's obsession.

• Jesse is the new hired hand...

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