Honor's Splendour Short Essay - Answer Key

Julie Garwood
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1. In Chapter One, how does the author support the idea that Duncan is a warrior before all else?

At the beginning of the novel, when Duncan is stripped of all his fine clothes, he stands fearless before his enemies, intimidating them with his attitude and powerful legs braced in a stance that suggests he can kill them all. When Duncan meets the gaze of the leader of the enemies, he intimidates the leader. Duncan has the demeanor of a fearsome warrior who is strong, fearless and intimidating.

2. How does the author establish Madelyne as a good person in Chapter One?

The author establishes Madelyne as a good person in Chapter One because she is likened to an angel and a rose. Her action to save Duncan, as well as her beauty, voice, and perfume, variously remind him of an angel and a rose in winter.

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