Objects & Places from Honor's Splendour

Julie Garwood
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Madelyne is fearful of this, although later it is given to her as a gift.

The Priests' Quarters, Louddon's Castle

This is a small part of a larger whole, inside of which a kindness is granted by Madelyne to her kidnapper.

Wexton Fortress

This is built to be advantageous to the left-handed Wextons in the case of a fight.


This is where an exiled couple flees.


This is where Madelyne lives as a child.

The Tower Room

This is where the door, that is thought to be locked, is really always open.


This gift is also associated with the poem, "Odysseus".

The Lake

This is where Duncan strengthens his mind and body through cold.

Creek's Crossing

This is where Duncan hopes to face Louddon's men soon after kidnapping Madelyne.

The Lower Bailey

This is Duncan's first courtyard.

The lower bailey is the first courtyard...

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