Honor's Splendour Fun Activities

Julie Garwood
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Love Letter

Write a love letter from Louddon to Rachel. Make sure to consider Louddon's age when Rachel is alive.

Ode to the Frigid Cold

Write a poetic ode to the cold from Duncan's point of view after he successfully escapes it with no adverse consequences.

Fortress Model

Make a scale model of Duncan's fortress. Make sure that the stairways are on the correct side of the fortress.

Makeshift Tent

Construct a makeshift tent like the one that Duncan makes to sleep in with Madelyne on the first night of her captivity. Make sure there is a place for them to sleep on the floor.

Newspaper Clipping

Bring in a newspaper clipping that reminds you of one of the characters in the novel. Be prepared to defend your position in class.


Design a suit of armor out of recycled materials. Make sure that it gleams impressively in...

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