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Julie Garwood
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Essay Topic 1

During the novel, we find out that Madelyne experiences a difficult childhood and her life does not improve as long as she is under the thumb of Louddon. Yet throughout the novel, Madelyne's typical response to a difficulty is to show mercy, sometimes to a complete stranger. How and to whom does Madelyne show mercy? In particular, why does she show mercy to Duncan? How does Madelyne's merciful behavior affect Duncan and his brothers? Compare and contrast the the experience that Madelyne has with receiving mercy and giving mercy.

Essay Topic 2

During the novel, Madelyne often refers to herself as a coward. By the end of the novel, Duncan refers to Madelyne as courageous. Explain whether or not Madelyne is a coward or courageous and why. Why do Duncan and Madelyne disagree on this point and who is right, or are they both right? Explain your...

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