Honor's Splendour Character Descriptions

Julie Garwood
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Related to a baron and a fan of old stories, this character is kind, honest to a fault, courageous and brave, and champions those being treated unfairly.


After the rape of a sister, this character nicknamed "the Wolf" is set on revenge.


A cruel and unfair fighter, this cowardly character is said to be the lover of King William II.


Little more than a walking zombie after being raped, this character stretches the truth about who is responsible.


With a brother, this character takes a hostage, then is saved during battle by the very same hostage.


This character is mistaken for a Cyclops.


This jovial and congenial Wexton favorite hopes for seduction-by-spouse.


This trusted soldier and second-in-command has the risky task of teaching self-defense techniques.

Uncle Berton

This wise old character teaches reading, writing and historical stories to a young...

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