Honor's Splendour Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Julie Garwood
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Chapters 1, 2 and 3

• In 1099 in England, a warrior stands in the courtyard of his enemy, offering no resistance, as twelve men strip him of his warm garments in the bitter cold.

• The demeanor of the captive warrior, Duncan the Baron of Wexton, inspires fear and cowardice in the enemies waiting for him to freeze to death so they can drag his body away, shielding Baron Louddon from blame.

• Baron Louddon's half-sister Madelyne risks everything to free Duncan, nicknamed the Wolf, then she brings him inside where she helps him dress and warms his feet on her bare belly.

• Duncan is attracted to Madelyne, but still ties her up and states, "I don't come for for Louddon, Madelyne, I came for you".
• Duncan secures Madelyne to a post in the courtyard and wages battle against Louddon's men with his own men, who slip over the castle wall.

• Madelyne asks Duncan...

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