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Hollywood - This location is considered the filmmaking capital of the United States, and it is the novel's setting.

Barfly - Originally made in the 1980's, this work received average to good reviews and did below average to average business at the box office.

Hank's Screenplay - Throughout the novel, this form of writing is the focus of narrative action and intention.

The Racetrack - This was Hank's refuge from his life, his work, and the near insanity of the people around him.

Hank's Typer - Throughout the narrative, Hank refers to this object's significance in his creative writing process. It almost has a consciousness.

White Flight - This is a term grounded in and connected to a sense of racism, expressed either indirectly or openly.

Hank's House - Hank purchased this eventual refuge at the insistent suggestion of an enthusiastic tax accountant.

Hank and Sarah's...

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