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Objective: Part 1 - Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 "Hollywood: A Novel by Charles Bukowski" is a fictionalized memoir. Bukowski uses a thin veneer of fiction to change many true events in his novel. This lesson will discuss how the novel is based on a series of truths which are slightly altered to become fiction.

1) Group Discussion: Divide the class into groups and have them discuss the basis of of the novel. Who is the inspiration for Hank Chisanski's character? Do you think many readers are able to identify the parallel of reality in this work of fiction? What other truths are altered in the novel?

2) Class Debate: Divide the class into two groups. Have one side argue that the novel is based exclusively on Bukowski's personal life and the other half argue that it is not. Use evidence from the text to support your arguments .

3) Writing Assignment: Using the information...

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