Hollywood Character Descriptions

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Hank Chinaski - In his mid-sixties as the narrative begins, the main character is portrayed as a heavy drinker and a habitual gambler who is in the process of reforming himself and his life with the help and support of his wife.

Sarah - This individual is the main character's wife.

Jon Pinchot - This volatile and passionate character is based on real-life film director Barbet Schroeder, director of the film Barfly.

Francois Racine - This person is self-involved to the point of delusion, and as such can be seen as an extreme manifestation of the Hollywood-central self-absorption the author seems interested in satirizing.

Harry Friedman - This individual is the film executive who can be seen not only as a portrait of a particular individual, but might also be seen as a satirical portrait of development executives in general.

Jack Bledsoe, Francine Bowers - These...

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