Objects & Places from High Fidelity

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Rob's House

This is the dwelling of the protagonist in London.

Championship Vinyl

This is the store the protagonist owns.

Harry Lauder

This is the regular pub of the main characters where they meet the American rock star.

The White Horse

This is where the American rock star plays a gig.

Laura's Parents House in Amersham

This is where the protagonist goes after the funeral of his ex-girlfriend's father.

Rob's Parent's House in Watford

The protagonist visits here one Sunday before going to the cinema with his parents.

Charlie's House

This is the home of one of the protagonist's former girlfriends.

The Crematorium

This is a place the protagonist visits the remains of his former girlfriend's father following the funeral.

The Dog and Pheasant

This is the pub where the protagonist deejays.

Marie's Apartment

The protagonist goes home with the American rock star here.

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