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Chapters 1-4

• The narrator Rob lists his top five break ups.

• The majority of these are middle-grade to high school brief puppy love romances.

• His biggest love is Charlie Nicholson, whom he met at university and left him due to his insecurities.

• The pain of the breakup with Charlie led him to quit college.
• The final woman on his list is Sarah Kendrew, and after a few months, the connection had worn thin, but they did not break up for another two years.

• Rob's girlfriend Laura decides to leave him, saying she does not know what she is doing, but needs some space.
• The same morning Rob heads for work to a record store he owns called Championship Vinyl.

• Rob arrives after his employee Dick, and that morning they get only one customer, a drunk Irishman called Johnny whom Rob has to tell to leave.

• At lunchtime, his...

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