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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Harry exasperated with Cho after their first date?
(a) Because she only talks about girly subjects Harry doesn't identify with.
(b) Because it ends with her leaving in tears.
(c) Because she insists on paying for half of everything.
(d) Because she doesn't really seem to be interested in Harry.

2. Why won't Dumbledore let Harry leave his office when Harry begins throwing things around?
(a) Because Dumbledore needs to explain things to Harry.
(b) Because Harry needs to be punished for destroying things.
(c) Because he is concerned Harry is a danger to himself.
(d) Because he doesn't want Harry to attack Draco Malfoy.

3. How do the children find their way from the room with black doors to the room they need?
(a) They hear Sirius screaming and follow the sound.
(b) They use a marking spell to show where they've already been.
(c) They pull out the enchanted map and it redraws itself to match the Ministry.
(d) Hermione uses a piece of plain chalk to mark the walls and their progress.

4. What causes Voldemort to finally materialize in the Ministry lobby?
(a) Harry's being alone without friends to help him.
(b) Hearing that the prophecy was destroyed.
(c) Dumbledore's absence.
(d) Bellatrix being defeated by Harry.

5. What does Kreacher tell Harry and Hermione about Sirius when they talk through the Floo powder?
(a) That he's been captured by dementors.
(b) That he was hit by a car while changed into a dog.
(c) That he will never return from the Department of Mysteries.
(d) That he has been returned to Azkaban.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Dumbledore, how many people besides Sirius suffered permanent injuries in the fight against the Death Eaters?

2. What is Firenze's opinion of the human approach to Divination?

3. Why does Harry break into Umbridge's office after his career counseling session?

4. What do Fred and George announce when they publicly quit Hogwarts?

5. Where did Harry find the funds to finance Fred and George's joke shop?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do you think the room with the orbs is so hard to get to?

2. Do you think Sirius has any responsibility for his own fate when he is hit by a spell and disappears through the archway? Explain.

3. What causes McGonagall to vow that she will see Harry an Auror if it's the last thing she does?

4. Why does Harry have such a difficult time understanding Cho's feelings and reaction during their first date?

5. Do you think Snape was being truthful or that he was helping Harry when he told Umbridge he had no more truth potion? Give details that support your assertion.

6. What factors lead into Harry deciding he wants to become an Auror?

7. Why are the teachers secretly delighted at the way Fred and George react to Umbridge's new position of Headmaster?

8. What is so impressive about Hagrid's fight with Umbridge and her goons?

9. What makes the presence of Bellatrix Lestrange so important in Chapter 35?

10. What aspect of Umbridge's personality becomes her undoing in the novel?

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