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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Firenze's opinion of the human approach to Divination?
(a) Humans are far more advanced than centaurs.
(b) Humans concern themselves with trivial details when looking at the future.
(c) Humans are on the right track but too short-sighted.
(d) Humans are meddling with forces they can't understand and should stop.

2. Why does Nearly Headless Nick tell Harry he's not likely to see Sirius as a ghost?
(a) Ghosts rarely appear to those they were close to in life.
(b) Only certain wizards are allowed to stay as ghosts.
(c) Most wizards choose to move on to whatever is after death.
(d) Sirius isn't necessarily dead and may return from Beyond the Veil.

3. What does Harry see when he daydreams during his History of Magic exam?
(a) Sirius being tortured by Harry.
(b) Himself kneeling before Voldemort inside the Department of Mysteries.
(c) Mr. Weasley being attacked again.
(d) Dumbledore and Voldemort in an arcane duel.

4. What does Dumbledore do to get Harry out of trouble?
(a) Casts a forgetting spell on everyone in the room.
(b) Helps Harry escape through the secret tunnel in his office.
(c) Threatens Fudge with a secret that Fudge doesn't want revealed to the wizarding world.
(d) Claims he created the D.A. and is trying to overthrow Minister Fudge.

5. What official is unexpectedly present when Harry is caught holding meetings of the D.A.?
(a) Professor Umbridge.
(b) Lucious Malfoy.
(c) Arthur Weasley.
(d) Minister Fudge.

Short Answer Questions

1. What two teachers are being targeted for dismissal by Umbridge?

2. What happens between Harry and Cho when they first meet again after the holiday break?

3. Why does Harry protest his friends accompanying him to the Ministry of Magic?

4. What does Dumbledore say will happen if Minister Fudge's Aurors attack him?

5. What keeps Hermione and Harry from being attacked by the centaurs?

Short Essay Questions

1. What aspect of Umbridge's personality becomes her undoing in the novel?

2. Why does Harry have such a difficult time understanding Cho's feelings and reaction during their first date?

3. Why is it significant that Harry is able to repel Snape from his mind only when Snape tries to see the memory of Harry and Cho kissing?

4. Do you think Snape was being truthful or that he was helping Harry when he told Umbridge he had no more truth potion? Give details that support your assertion.

5. What causes McGonagall to vow that she will see Harry an Auror if it's the last thing she does?

6. What makes the presence of Bellatrix Lestrange so important in Chapter 35?

7. Why is it disturbing to see the lengths Hermione will go to to clear Harry's name?

8. Why are the centaurs angry with Hagrid, and what makes them decide not to attack him?

9. Why do you think Voldemort is afraid of Dumbledore?

10. Why is Luna able to comfort Harry about Sirius' death when no one else can?

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