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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the Gryffindor Quidditch team fare in their first match with new players?
(a) Not too bad. They lose by only 1 point.
(b) Very well. They win by 25 points.
(c) Pretty well. They win by 5 points.
(d) Horribly. They lose by 10 points.

2. Where does Harry find Sirius when he begins searching?
(a) Crumpled in a ball at Lucious Malfoy's feet.
(b) He doesn't find Sirius, it was a trick.
(c) In the clearing at the center of the room.
(d) In between two of the aisles.

3. According to Dumbledore, how many people besides Sirius suffered permanent injuries in the fight against the Death Eaters?
(a) None.
(b) Three.
(c) Five.
(d) Two.

4. Why does Harry refuse the beverage Umbridge offers him when she summons him after being named Headmaster?
(a) He is stubborn and has poor manners.
(b) He thinks it may have a truth serum in it.
(c) He is afraid of anything she gives him after the enchanted pen.
(d) He is allergic to chamomile.

5. How does Hermione trick Umbridge into stopping her plans to torture Harry?
(a) By convincing her they know the whereabouts of a weapon Dumbledore seeks.
(b) By pretending to turn on her friends and sell them out.
(c) By acting as though she is possessed by the ghost of Umbridge's mother.
(d) By acting as though she'd fainted in order to get hold of a wand.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dumbledore say will happen if Minister Fudge's Aurors attack him?

2. Why wasn't Harry made a prefect?

3. What do Fred and George announce when they publicly quit Hogwarts?

4. What is Umbridge's first action upon being named the new Headmaster of Hogwarts?

5. What character does Dumbledore choose to teach Harry Occlumency?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are the teachers secretly delighted at the way Fred and George react to Umbridge's new position of Headmaster?

2. Why is it significant that Harry is able to repel Snape from his mind only when Snape tries to see the memory of Harry and Cho kissing?

3. What factors lead into Harry deciding he wants to become an Auror?

4. Why do Harry and Hermione decide to wait to tell Ron about Hagrid's brother?

5. Why is it disturbing to see the lengths Hermione will go to to clear Harry's name?

6. Do you think Snape was being truthful or that he was helping Harry when he told Umbridge he had no more truth potion? Give details that support your assertion.

7. What is the purpose of Umbridge's new decree that prohibits teachers from giving students information beyond their course curriculum?

8. What is unusual about Dumbledore's demeanor when fighting Voldemort?

9. Why was it so important for Harry to remain with his horrible family while growing up?

10. Do you think Sirius has any responsibility for his own fate when he is hit by a spell and disappears through the archway? Explain.

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