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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who gave the prophecy that linked Harry forever with Voldemort?
(a) Professory Trelawney.
(b) Lilly Potter.
(c) Centaur Firenze.
(d) Mundungus Fletcher.

2. Why do the centaurs end up taking Umbridge away?
(a) Because the children explain that she's a bad person.
(b) Because she won't stop talking.
(c) Because they want to kill all adult humans.
(d) Because she attacks them with magic.

3. What does Dumbledore tell Harry about Snape while explaining the events of the past months?
(a) That Snape is Dumbledore's illegitimate son.
(b) That Snape was in love with Harry's mother.
(c) That Snape must be watched and isn't to be trusted.
(d) That Snape was actively trying to help Harry while Dumbledore was gone.

4. What exam do Ron and Harry both do poorly on?
(a) Herbology.
(b) Divination.
(c) Potions.
(d) Defense Against the Dark Arts.

5. What keeps Voldemort from killing Harry with his death spell?
(a) A statue leaps in front of Harry.
(b) A herd of centaurs join the fight.
(c) A mirror reflects the spell back.
(d) Neville casts a counter-curse.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why wasn't Harry made a prefect?

2. What does Ron find in the room?

3. What keeps Hermione and Harry from being attacked by the centaurs?

4. What does Dumbledore do to get Harry out of trouble?

5. What does Hermione advise Harry to do when she learns he is still dreaming about the hallway inside the Ministry?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is unusual about Dumbledore's demeanor when fighting Voldemort?

2. Why is it significant that Harry is able to repel Snape from his mind only when Snape tries to see the memory of Harry and Cho kissing?

3. Why is Kreacher so happy to report that Sirius may never return from the Department of Mysteries?

4. What light does Firenze's banishment from his people shed on the social structure of the wizarding world?

5. Why is Harry so disturbed when he views Snape's memory in the Pensieve?

6. Why do you think Voldemort is afraid of Dumbledore?

7. Why is Harry so determined to continue pressing forward, even against his friends' advice?

8. Why does such a large group of students want to accompany Harry to the Ministry of Magic?

9. Why do Harry and Hermione decide to wait to tell Ron about Hagrid's brother?

10. Why do Sirius and Snape have a near-violent argument just before the children return to Hogwarts from the holiday break?

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