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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What cuts short the children's first visit with Hagrid after his return to Hogwarts?
(a) Hagrid succumbs to his injuries.
(b) Hagrid is exhausted and needs to sleep.
(c) Umbridge's arrival.
(d) Dumbledore's arrival.

2. What post is Professor Umbridge appointed to by the Ministry of Magic?
(a) Headmistress of Hogwarts.
(b) Divination Professor.
(c) Assistant Minister of Magic.
(d) Hogwarts' High Inquisitor.

3. Why does Sirius end up escorting Ron, Harry and Hermione to the train station?
(a) Threats against Harry's life have been received at Hogwarts.
(b) He wants an opportunity to rebel against Mrs. Weasley and all her rules.
(c) The assigned guard fails to report for duty.
(d) He wants an opportunity to stretch his legs after being cooped up inside.

4. What do the members of the Order realize while exchanging gifts?
(a) That Kreacher has been absent for some time.
(b) That Harry has bought them each overpriced gifts to alleviate his sense of guilt.
(c) That Mrs. Weasley has knit socks instead of sweaters.
(d) That Hermione doesn't celebrate Christmas and is offended by the holiday.

5. Why are the children forced to wait for news, rather than being allowed to rush straight to the hospital to see Mr. Weasley?
(a) Because it's too dangerous for Harry to go out in public.
(b) So that if he dies at the hospital, they aren't traumatized.
(c) Mrs. Weasley wants to focus on her husband rather than worry about her family's safety.
(d) So that no one will suspect anything about why they already know about the attack.

Short Answer Questions

1. What disturbing information do the children learn by eavesdropping on the adults at the hospital?

2. What suspicious character is Minister Fudge talking to when Harry leaves his hearing?

3. Why does Harry arrive late to his hearing?

4. Why does Hermione begin to question whether it's a good idea to meet in their secret club?

5. What do members of the Slytherin House do during the match that fiercely demoralizes Ron?

Short Essay Questions

1. What internal debate in Chapter 18 illustrates Hermione's growing wisdom and maturity?

2. Briefly describe, in order, the four owls regarding use of underage magic that Harry receives in Chapter 2.

3. Why is Mrs. Weasley so determined to keep Harry from learning more information about Voldemort and current events in the magical community?

4. Explore the question raised by Dobby's explanation of the house elves' behavior: is a person actually free if they choose to remain a slave?

5. What purpose does Educational Decree Number Twenty-four serve, aside from obviously disbanding groups?

6. What part of being treated like an adult is difficult for the Weasley children when they are not allowed to rush to their father's bedside?

7. What action, on the part of the Ministry of Magic, shows how serious they are about undermining Dumbledore's influence?

8. In Chapter 1, why does Harry have such a difficult time summoning his Patronus Charm?

9. Why is Umbridge's punishment of Fred, George and Harry particularly cruel to Harry?

10. Why is Hermione's method for keeping track of the D.A. schedule ironic?

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