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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Snape learns Harry has still been having the dreams about the hallway?
(a) He reports Harry's dreams to Dumbledore.
(b) He refuses to teach Harry any further since Harry won't apply what he's learning.
(c) He tells Harry he's a hopeless student that will never learn Occlumency.
(d) He intensifies the training and Harry accidentally invades Snape's memories.

2. What is shocking about Harry's fight with Lestrange?
(a) She won't fight him because they're related.
(b) How easily she defeats him.
(c) He uses a forbidden torture curse on her.
(d) She is too afraid to cast spells at Harry.

3. What does Harry instruct his friends to do when he signals them in the battle with the Death Eaters?
(a) Break as many orbs as possible to cause confusion.
(b) Drop their wands and surrender so no one gets hurt.
(c) Scatter in every direction to avoid capture.
(d) Be immediately prepared to cast stun spells at the Death Eaters.

4. What causes Snape to leave Harry's Occlumency lesson after Umbridge is appointed Headmaster?
(a) A series of ominous noises from the Forbidden Forest.
(b) Malfoy interrupts to get help with a situation in the castle.
(c) Umbridge sends a message demanding Snape submit to a truth serum.
(d) The snakes from Umbridge's bed are now in the girls' lavatory.

5. What does Kreacher tell Harry and Hermione about Sirius when they talk through the Floo powder?
(a) That he will never return from the Department of Mysteries.
(b) That he was hit by a car while changed into a dog.
(c) That he's been captured by dementors.
(d) That he has been returned to Azkaban.

6. What does Harry do as soon as Snape leaves their interrupted Occlumency lesson?
(a) Tries to induce a trance so he can finish his dream.
(b) Tries to find the components to an alchemical recipe for Hermione.
(c) Practices his Defense Against the Dark Arts spells.
(d) Looks at Snape's memory in the Pensieve.

7. What do Fred and George announce when they publicly quit Hogwarts?
(a) That they will return if any of their friends need them.
(b) The opening of their new joke shop.
(c) The recommencing of D.A. practices in Hogsmeade.
(d) That Umbridge is a silly old cow.

8. Where does Harry find Sirius when he begins searching?
(a) He doesn't find Sirius, it was a trick.
(b) In between two of the aisles.
(c) Crumpled in a ball at Lucious Malfoy's feet.
(d) In the clearing at the center of the room.

9. Where did Harry find the funds to finance Fred and George's joke shop?
(a) Betting in professional Quidditch matches.
(b) The Dursleys continue to put money into his bank account so he'll stay away.
(c) From his tournament winnings.
(d) The money left to him from his parents.

10. Why won't Dumbledore let Harry leave his office when Harry begins throwing things around?
(a) Because Dumbledore needs to explain things to Harry.
(b) Because he is concerned Harry is a danger to himself.
(c) Because he doesn't want Harry to attack Draco Malfoy.
(d) Because Harry needs to be punished for destroying things.

11. Why is McGonagall taken to the infirmary?
(a) She is hit with four stun spells defending another professor.
(b) She has what appears to be a stroke from too much stress.
(c) She has an argument with Umbridge that results in violence.
(d) She is attacked by centaurs.

12. Who is the source of the screams that interrupt Harry and Snape's Occlumency lesson?
(a) Ginny Weasley.
(b) Professor Trelawney.
(c) Professor Umbridge.
(d) Cho Chang.

13. Why do the centaurs end up taking Umbridge away?
(a) Because they want to kill all adult humans.
(b) Because the children explain that she's a bad person.
(c) Because she attacks them with magic.
(d) Because she won't stop talking.

14. How do the children find their way from the room with black doors to the room they need?
(a) They hear Sirius screaming and follow the sound.
(b) They pull out the enchanted map and it redraws itself to match the Ministry.
(c) They use a marking spell to show where they've already been.
(d) Hermione uses a piece of plain chalk to mark the walls and their progress.

15. What does Harry try to do when he realizes Sirius has disappeared through the archway?
(a) Break his wand.
(b) Kill all the Death Eaters.
(c) Convince his friends to follow Sirius.
(d) Follow him in.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is put into Dumbledore's Pensieve before the first Occlumency lesson?

2. What do Moody, Tonks and Lupin tell the Dursleys before sending Harry home with them?

3. Why does Harry have an advantage when the Death Eaters surround him in the Department of Mysteries?

4. Why is Harry determined to speak with Sirius after spying on Snape's memories?

5. Where do the children find themselves after entering the black door from Harry's dreams?

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