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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What exam do Ron and Harry both do poorly on?
(a) Defense Against the Dark Arts.
(b) Potions.
(c) Herbology.
(d) Divination.

2. What D.A. student shows the greatest improvement in the wake of the Death Eaters' escape?
(a) Ginny Weasley.
(b) Hermione Granger.
(c) Cho Chang.
(d) Neville Longbottom.

3. What fact about Rita Skeeter does Hermione threaten to reveal?
(a) That Rita is an unregistered Animagus.
(b) Rita was born in a Muggle family.
(c) Rita has a secret relationship with Professor Snape.
(d) Rita once aided the Death Eaters in escaping from Aurors.

4. What does Harry witness during his Astrology exam?
(a) Umbridge and her followers attacking Hagrid.
(b) A herd of centaurs sneaking onto the campus.
(c) Fred and George's last trick that was set to go off during exams.
(d) Hermione's total meltdown from too much studying.

5. What does Harry find that he'd forgotten Sirius gave to him?
(a) A letter for Hermione giving her permission to free Kreacher.
(b) A picture of Sirius with Harry's parents.
(c) The newest Nimbus 4500 broomstick.
(d) A mirror Harry's father used to communicate with Sirius.

6. Why does Harry refuse the beverage Umbridge offers him when she summons him after being named Headmaster?
(a) He is allergic to chamomile.
(b) He is stubborn and has poor manners.
(c) He is afraid of anything she gives him after the enchanted pen.
(d) He thinks it may have a truth serum in it.

7. Why was Firenze banished by the other centaurs?
(a) For becoming friends with Hagrid.
(b) For saving a human child that was lost in the Forbidden Forest.
(c) For agreeing to help Dumbledore.
(d) For allying himself with Voldemort during the last war.

8. What happens when Umbridge learns of the newspaper article about Harry's encounter with Voldemort?
(a) She flies into a rage and forbids him from any future outings to Hogsmeade.
(b) She assigns Harry to another two months of detention.
(c) She vows to make the newspaper reprint the article with the "truth" about Harry's lies.
(d) She tries to expel Harry from Hogwarts but is stopped by Dumbledore.

9. What does Harry learn about his recurring dream during his first Occlumency lesson?
(a) That it is a memory from his childhood after his family was killed.
(b) That the snake is actually Voldemort.
(c) That he was actually in control and was responsible for the attack on Mr. Weasley.
(d) That the hallway he sees is inside the Ministry of Magic.

10. Where do the children find themselves after entering the black door from Harry's dreams?
(a) Back in the forest where Umbridge is waiting with Voldemort.
(b) Inside the office of the Minister of Magic.
(c) In a circular room with revolving identical black doors.
(d) In a circular staircase heading down.

11. How does the Gryffindor Quidditch team fare in their first match with new players?
(a) Very well. They win by 25 points.
(b) Pretty well. They win by 5 points.
(c) Horribly. They lose by 10 points.
(d) Not too bad. They lose by only 1 point.

12. Why does Harry have an advantage when the Death Eaters surround him in the Department of Mysteries?
(a) Because his friends have their wands at the ready.
(b) Because he is so much smarter than they are.
(c) Because he has the orb and they can't risk destroying it.
(d) Because Dumbledore is on his way to meet them.

13. What do Moody, Tonks and Lupin tell the Dursleys before sending Harry home with them?
(a) That Harry is dangerous and should be treated carefully.
(b) That Harry is allowed to use his magic against them now.
(c) That Harry's last remaining relative besides them is dead.
(d) That if they mistreat Harry in any way, they will be held accountable.

14. What is the first clue something is not right when the children arrive at the Ministry of Magic?
(a) There are dark clouds gathering just above the Ministry.
(b) Minister Fudge welcomes them in personally.
(c) There is no security whatsoever.
(d) The doors are all wide open.

15. What mode of transport do the children choose to travel to the Ministry and save Sirius?
(a) A flying car.
(b) Thestrals.
(c) Floo powder.
(d) A magic carpet.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the children find their way from the room with black doors to the room they need?

2. What do Fred and George announce when they publicly quit Hogwarts?

3. What does Harry tell Umbridge about who he was trying to speak with through the fireplace in her office?

4. Why does Nearly Headless Nick tell Harry he's not likely to see Sirius as a ghost?

5. What does Hagrid tell Hermione and Ron he suspects will happen to him shortly after the Quidditch Cup?

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