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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the children discover that caused Voldemort to be so ecstatic when Harry linked with him after his Occlumency lesson?
(a) The escape of Death Eaters from Azkaban.
(b) That Harry is still unable to block Voldemort from his mind.
(c) The discovery of a missing component for a Dark Arts ritual to bring Voldemort back to full life.
(d) The successful raid on the Department of Mysteries by Death Eaters.

2. What do Hermione and Harry tell Ron to get him to stop talking about the Quidditch Cup match?
(a) They all need to sneak out to Hogsmeade to meet Sirius.
(b) That all his practicing has likely earned him poor grades on the exams.
(c) Umbridge is on the warpath and wants to take away his broom.
(d) About the promise to take care of Grawp.

3. Why won't Dumbledore let Harry leave his office when Harry begins throwing things around?
(a) Because Dumbledore needs to explain things to Harry.
(b) Because he doesn't want Harry to attack Draco Malfoy.
(c) Because he is concerned Harry is a danger to himself.
(d) Because Harry needs to be punished for destroying things.

4. Why does Harry suspect Kreacher has been up to mischief when the house elf finally reappears?
(a) Because the elf will not account for his time.
(b) Because Kreacher is in a good mood.
(c) Because the elf is always trying to sabotage the Order.
(d) Because Harry is suspicious of all house elves.

5. Who is the source of the screams that interrupt Harry and Snape's Occlumency lesson?
(a) Cho Chang.
(b) Ginny Weasley.
(c) Professor Trelawney.
(d) Professor Umbridge.

6. What does Harry see when he daydreams during his History of Magic exam?
(a) Himself kneeling before Voldemort inside the Department of Mysteries.
(b) Sirius being tortured by Harry.
(c) Dumbledore and Voldemort in an arcane duel.
(d) Mr. Weasley being attacked again.

7. What happens when Snape learns Harry has still been having the dreams about the hallway?
(a) He intensifies the training and Harry accidentally invades Snape's memories.
(b) He refuses to teach Harry any further since Harry won't apply what he's learning.
(c) He tells Harry he's a hopeless student that will never learn Occlumency.
(d) He reports Harry's dreams to Dumbledore.

8. What is Firenze's opinion of the human approach to Divination?
(a) Humans are far more advanced than centaurs.
(b) Humans are meddling with forces they can't understand and should stop.
(c) Humans concern themselves with trivial details when looking at the future.
(d) Humans are on the right track but too short-sighted.

9. Why does Harry protest his friends accompanying him to the Ministry of Magic?
(a) He thinks more people will make it harder to succeed.
(b) He wants to protect his friends.
(c) He is worried the Thestrals can't carry Neville.
(d) He wants to take all the credit for defeating Voldemort.

10. How does Hermione trick Umbridge into stopping her plans to torture Harry?
(a) By acting as though she is possessed by the ghost of Umbridge's mother.
(b) By acting as though she'd fainted in order to get hold of a wand.
(c) By convincing her they know the whereabouts of a weapon Dumbledore seeks.
(d) By pretending to turn on her friends and sell them out.

11. What two teachers are being targeted for dismissal by Umbridge?
(a) Hagrid and Trelawney.
(b) Dumbledore and Snape.
(c) Trelawney and McGonagall.
(d) Snape and McGonagall.

12. What character does Dumbledore choose to teach Harry Occlumency?
(a) Sirius Black.
(b) Professor Snape.
(c) Mrs. Weasley.
(d) Professor McGonagall.

13. What causes McGonagall to fight with Umbridge during Harry's career counseling session?
(a) Umbridge keeps threatening Harry with expulsion.
(b) Umbridge states that Harry can never become an Auror.
(c) Umbridge insults McGonagall's counseling abilities.
(d) McGonagall is sick of having someone look over her shoulder.

14. What is put into Dumbledore's Pensieve before the first Occlumency lesson?
(a) Some of Snape's memories.
(b) A drop of gryphon blood.
(c) A family portrait of the Weasleys.
(d) Harry's memories of his family.

15. What does Harry do as soon as Snape leaves their interrupted Occlumency lesson?
(a) Practices his Defense Against the Dark Arts spells.
(b) Tries to find the components to an alchemical recipe for Hermione.
(c) Tries to induce a trance so he can finish his dream.
(d) Looks at Snape's memory in the Pensieve.

Short Answer Questions

1. What room are the children forced into when they run from the Death Eaters in the Department of Mysteries?

2. What does Harry see in the Pensieve that disturbs him?

3. What mode of transport do the children choose to travel to the Ministry and save Sirius?

4. What keeps Hermione and Harry from being attacked by the centaurs?

5. What do Fred and George announce when they publicly quit Hogwarts?

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