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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the children run into while visiting their former professor at the hospital mental ward?
(a) Cho Chang.
(b) Professor McGonagall.
(c) Bellatrix LeStrange.
(d) Neville Longbottom.

2. Why is Harry secretly upset in Chapter 9?
(a) He doesn't want to be the "chosen one" any longer.
(b) Ron and Hermione are named Gryffindor prefects.
(c) Sirius isn't spending enough time with him.
(d) He has fallen in love with Hermione.

3. Where is the first informational meeting of the Defense Against the Dark Arts club held?
(a) The Hog's Head.
(b) Forbidden Forest.
(c) The school library.
(d) Hagrid's shack.

4. What does Hagrid learn about his mother on his trip?
(a) She died several years earlier.
(b) She tried for years to find him to reconcile their relationship.
(c) She became leader of the giants.
(d) She remarried and had two other children.

5. After learning of the attack on Mr. Weasley, why does Dumbledore send former Headmaster paintings to search for him?
(a) Because the paintings are more trustworthy than the Order of the Phoenix.
(b) Because he is too afraid of Voldemort to go look himself.
(c) Because it doesn't matter if something attacks a painting since they're already dead.
(d) Because the paintings can appear in any frame that bears their name.

6. What cuts short the children's first visit with Hagrid after his return to Hogwarts?
(a) Hagrid is exhausted and needs to sleep.
(b) Hagrid succumbs to his injuries.
(c) Dumbledore's arrival.
(d) Umbridge's arrival.

7. What seems strange about Harry facing the Wizengamot?
(a) Underage magic would usually only merit a small disciplinary hearing.
(b) Several of them are convicted Death Eaters.
(c) The Wizengamot has not been convened in over 100 years.
(d) They're all taking photos of him throughout the hearing.

8. Why is Sirius the happiest Harry has ever seen during the holidays?
(a) Because he is able to go out in public without fear of being caught.
(b) Because he has a house full of friends.
(c) Because he learns he will be offered a full pardon by the Ministry.
(d) Because he missed spending time with Harry.

9. Why is it difficult for Harry to summon his Patronus Charm?
(a) Because he doesn't want to save his cousin.
(b) Because he is so sad.
(c) Because he doesn't study enough.
(d) Because his wand is broken.

10. What two characters witnessed Harry's Patronus Charm?
(a) Aunt Petunia and Ms. Figg.
(b) Dudley and Hermione.
(c) Uncle Vernon and Dudley.
(d) Dudley and Ms. Figg.

11. Where does the action of Chapter 1 take place?
(a) Hogwarts.
(b) Azkaban.
(c) Hogsmeade.
(d) Little Whinging.

12. What do Harry and friends see in the flames while speaking with Sirius that alarms them?
(a) Umbridge's hand reaching out to grab Sirius' head.
(b) Voldemort in the background of the flames spying on their conversation.
(c) Sirius attacked from behind before he disappears.
(d) A vision of Sirius' home collapsing in on itself.

13. At the last D.A. meeting before the holidays, why does Cho break down while talking to Harry?
(a) She learned that Umbridge is thinking of expelling her from Hogwarts.
(b) Because of her previous boyfriend's death.
(c) She had a vision something horrible would happen when they return after break.
(d) Because she is so sad that Harry doesn't have a family to go home to.

14. How long does Harry wait for news after sending his letters?
(a) Six days.
(b) Four days.
(c) Three days.
(d) One week.

15. Why is the current leader of the giants of great concern to Dumbledore?
(a) Because he is overwhelmingly easy to trick.
(b) Because he is not a pure-blooded giant.
(c) Because the leader has been recruited by Voldemort.
(d) Because he passionately hates all wizards.

Short Answer Questions

1. What final cautionary advice does Hermione give Hagrid before leaving?

2. What Ministry employee has been sent to Hogwarts as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?

3. What suspicious character is Minister Fudge talking to when Harry leaves his hearing?

4. Why is the Gryffindor Quidditch practice cancelled?

5. What does the Sorting Hat do in Chapter 11 that is unusual?

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