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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ron express an interest in becoming once he's graduated from Hogwarts?
(a) A member of S.P.E.W.
(b) An Auror.
(c) A Muggle Specialist at the Ministry of Magic.
(d) A dragon researcher.

2. What two characters witnessed Harry's Patronus Charm?
(a) Aunt Petunia and Ms. Figg.
(b) Uncle Vernon and Dudley.
(c) Dudley and Hermione.
(d) Dudley and Ms. Figg.

3. What favor does Hermione ask Harry to do for the Hogwarts students?
(a) Teach the students a different version of Defense Against the Dark Arts.
(b) Get along with Umbridge so that Minister Fudge will be less suspicious of Dumbledore.
(c) Stop bragging all the time about his exploits.
(d) Stop talking about Voldemort and scaring the students.

4. What cuts short the children's first visit with Hagrid after his return to Hogwarts?
(a) Hagrid is exhausted and needs to sleep.
(b) Umbridge's arrival.
(c) Hagrid succumbs to his injuries.
(d) Dumbledore's arrival.

5. What does Mr. Weasley tell the children about his attack?
(a) That he was bitten by a giant snake.
(b) That Death Eaters were chasing him and he fell down a flight of stairs.
(c) He absolutely refuses to give them any details.
(d) That his wand was broken while defending himself.

6. Where does the action of Chapter 1 take place?
(a) Hogsmeade.
(b) Azkaban.
(c) Hogwarts.
(d) Little Whinging.

7. What does Harry do to earn another week of detention with Professor Umbridge?
(a) Protests a demerit of five points from Gryffindor House.
(b) Gets into a fist fight with Draco Malfoy over Sirius' whereabouts.
(c) Argues that Minister Fudge is under Voldemort's control.
(d) Fails to complete any of his assignments because his hand hurts too much.

8. Where does Hermione come up with the plan to alert Dumbledore's Army members of their meeting schedule?
(a) By asking Professor Umbridge for guidance.
(b) By studying the gnomes of Little Whinging.
(c) By reading ancient Gryffindor texts concealed in the Room of Requirement.
(d) By following a system Vodlemort uses to call his Death Eaters.

9. In Chapter 13, what secret of Ron's does Harry learn?
(a) That Ron is thinking of leaving Hogwarts to pursue professional football.
(b) Ron has secretly been practicing to become the new Gryffindor Seeker.
(c) Ron has been cheating in Occlumency.
(d) Ron is secretly in love with Hermione.

10. During the holiday break, what does Harry want to do to ensure the safety of his friends?
(a) Give himself up to Voldemort so he'll stop attacking Harry's friends.
(b) Set up reinforcements at the Order headquarters.
(c) Return to the Dursley household for the holiday.
(d) Begin studying the Dark Arts so that he'll be in a better position to fight Voldemort.

11. Why doesn't Harry end up sitting with Ron and Hermione on the train?
(a) They have a quarrel while boarding and leave him by himself.
(b) Luna Lovegood corners him to speak privately about occlumency.
(c) They have to go to the prefects' car for instructions.
(d) He wants to spend some time alone planning for the coming year.

12. Why do George and Fred keep taking things they find in the Black House?
(a) They need decorations for their room at Hogwarts.
(b) They think the items might be useful in starting their joke shop.
(c) They want to destroy anything that might be associated with the Dark Arts.
(d) They intend to sell them on Diagon Alley for pocket change.

13. In Hagrid's first lesson, what kind of creature does he show the children in the Forbidden Forest?
(a) Unicorns.
(b) Centaurs.
(c) Gryphons.
(d) Thestrals.

14. Who appears unexpectedly during the hearing to come to Harry's aid?
(a) Hagrid.
(b) Mrs. Weasley.
(c) Sirius Black.
(d) Albus Dumbledore.

15. At the last D.A. meeting before the holidays, why does Cho break down while talking to Harry?
(a) Because she is so sad that Harry doesn't have a family to go home to.
(b) She had a vision something horrible would happen when they return after break.
(c) Because of her previous boyfriend's death.
(d) She learned that Umbridge is thinking of expelling her from Hogwarts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What post is Professor Umbridge appointed to by the Ministry of Magic?

2. What mistake does Ron make during the first Quidditch practice that results in it being canceled?

3. Why did Harry's friends neglect to respond to his letters?

4. What space does Harry discover that is perfect for D.A. meetings?

5. Harry is dismayed to learn that which other Hogwarts student was made a prefect?

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