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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is it difficult for Harry to summon his Patronus Charm?
(a) Because his wand is broken.
(b) Because he doesn't want to save his cousin.
(c) Because he doesn't study enough.
(d) Because he is so sad.

2. What does Umbridge taunt Snape about when she sits in on his Potions class?
(a) He has a sister imprisoned at Azkaban.
(b) His having been passed over for the Defense Against the Darks Arts position several times.
(c) She thinks potions are ineffectual and not "real magic".
(d) That he was not a particularly talented student when he attended Hogwarts.

3. Who is appointed the new Gryffindor Quidditch seeker before Christmas break?
(a) Ginny Weasley.
(b) Draco Malfoy.
(c) Cho Chang.
(d) Fred Weasley.

4. What special device do Harry and Mr. Weasley use to enter the building for Harry's disciplinary hearing?
(a) Floo powder.
(b) The newest Nimbus broomstick.
(c) A shrinking door.
(d) A magical "broken" phone booth.

5. Why is the Gryffindor Quidditch practice cancelled?
(a) Because the team has not been given permission to reform.
(b) Because Ron injures another teammate.
(c) Because dementors have been spotted lurking around Hogwarts.
(d) Because Umbridge has forbidden all sporting activities during the academic week.

6. Where are the children sent to wait for more news about Mr. Weasley's condition after his attack?
(a) Diagon Alley.
(b) A safehouse in Hogsmeade.
(c) Sirius' house.
(d) Little Whinging.

7. Where does Hermione come up with the plan to alert Dumbledore's Army members of their meeting schedule?
(a) By studying the gnomes of Little Whinging.
(b) By reading ancient Gryffindor texts concealed in the Room of Requirement.
(c) By asking Professor Umbridge for guidance.
(d) By following a system Vodlemort uses to call his Death Eaters.

8. What two characters witnessed Harry's Patronus Charm?
(a) Aunt Petunia and Ms. Figg.
(b) Dudley and Ms. Figg.
(c) Uncle Vernon and Dudley.
(d) Dudley and Hermione.

9. Why does Harry fight with Professor Umbridge during the Defense Against the Dark Arts class?
(a) Because Harry believes Voldemort has returned.
(b) Because Umbridge doesn't think house elfs should have citizen rights.
(c) Harry doesn't like the textbook she has chosen for the class.
(d) That Umbridge voted against Harry during his hearing.

10. Why does Sirius end up escorting Ron, Harry and Hermione to the train station?
(a) He wants an opportunity to stretch his legs after being cooped up inside.
(b) He wants an opportunity to rebel against Mrs. Weasley and all her rules.
(c) The assigned guard fails to report for duty.
(d) Threats against Harry's life have been received at Hogwarts.

11. Why does Mrs. Weasley shout at her husband while visiting him in the hospital?
(a) He has been eating food not on the hospital's approved diet menu.
(b) He has been experimenting with the Dark Arts to better protect his family.
(c) Because he accepted Muggle-style stitches to try to make his wound heal faster.
(d) Because he is trying to sneak out of the hospital to protect his family.

12. What happens when McGonagall tries to discipline Harry and George for their poor sportsmanship?
(a) They use Floo Powder and travel to the Order for help.
(b) Umbridge comes in and takes over.
(c) She is interrupted by an attacking troll.
(d) Dumbledore grants them a pardon.

13. What one piece of good news do the main characters learn after being fiercely disciplined for attacking Malfoy?
(a) Sirius has been pardoned for his crimes.
(b) The Weasleys have won the lottery.
(c) Umbridge has been fired.
(d) Hagrid has returned.

14. What does Hagrid learn about his mother on his trip?
(a) She became leader of the giants.
(b) She tried for years to find him to reconcile their relationship.
(c) She remarried and had two other children.
(d) She died several years earlier.

15. Why does Hagrid choose to ignore Hermione's advice about changing his curriculum?
(a) Because Dumbledore told him not to concern himself with Umbridge.
(b) Because he's not smart enough to write new lesson plans.
(c) Because Hermione always worries about trivial things.
(d) Because he is certain his lessons are more interesting than other teachers' might be.

Short Answer Questions

1. What seems strange about Harry facing the Wizengamot?

2. What person was in disguise watching the children during their first meeting of Dumbledore's Army?

3. What change does the Educational Decree Number Twenty-four enact?

4. During the holiday break, what does Harry want to do to ensure the safety of his friends?

5. How many goals does the Gryffindor Quidditch team score in their first match of the season?

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