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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What disturbing information do the children learn by eavesdropping on the adults at the hospital?
(a) That Voldemort is planning to stage an attack on Hogwarts.
(b) That Harry may be in danger of being possessed by Voldemort.
(c) That Umbridge is actually a member of the Order of the Phoenix.
(d) That Sirius has been in league with the Death Eaters.

2. What does the Sorting Hat do in Chapter 11 that is unusual?
(a) Sorts nearly all the first-years into Gryffindor House so they'll fight Voldemort.
(b) Makes a political announcement demanding the freedom of elves.
(c) Refuses to sort a student because he is a mudblood.
(d) Sings a song about an impending threat to the school.

3. What do Harry and friends see in the flames while speaking with Sirius that alarms them?
(a) Umbridge's hand reaching out to grab Sirius' head.
(b) A vision of Sirius' home collapsing in on itself.
(c) Voldemort in the background of the flames spying on their conversation.
(d) Sirius attacked from behind before he disappears.

4. Who appears unexpectedly during the hearing to come to Harry's aid?
(a) Albus Dumbledore.
(b) Mrs. Weasley.
(c) Sirius Black.
(d) Hagrid.

5. Harry is surprised by the number of students that come to the first meeting; how many showed up?
(a) Twenty-five students.
(b) Forty-one students.
(c) Seventeen students.
(d) Thirty-two students.

6. Why did Harry's friends neglect to respond to his letters?
(a) Hedwig wasn't able to deliver Harry's letters because of the Ministry of Magic.
(b) They were tired of him whining about his problems and wanted a break.
(c) Dumbledore was worried their messages would be intercepted.
(d) The Dursleys stole the letters that Hedwig was bringing back to Harry.

7. Why does Ginny chastise Harry when they sit down to eat over the holidays?
(a) Because he isn't moving on his feelings for Cho and it's painfully obvious he should.
(b) Because he promised he would give her lessons to make her a better Seeker.
(c) Because he is putting the entire Order in danger by remaining at the headquarters.
(d) Because he hasn't talked to her and she's the only other person that's been possessed by Voldemort.

8. How many goals does the Gryffindor Quidditch team score in their first match of the season?
(a) Three.
(b) One.
(c) None.
(d) Five.

9. What person was in disguise watching the children during their first meeting of Dumbledore's Army?
(a) Sirius.
(b) Professor McGonagall.
(c) Mrs. Figg.
(d) Mundungus Fletcher.

10. Where does Hermione come up with the plan to alert Dumbledore's Army members of their meeting schedule?
(a) By asking Professor Umbridge for guidance.
(b) By studying the gnomes of Little Whinging.
(c) By reading ancient Gryffindor texts concealed in the Room of Requirement.
(d) By following a system Vodlemort uses to call his Death Eaters.

11. What happens during Potions class that gives Snape an opportunity to humiliate Harry?
(a) Harry forgets a step in the potion recipe and is unable to complete it correctly.
(b) Harry is the only student unable to successfully make the potion for the day.
(c) Harry is caught cheating off Cho's notes.
(d) Ron's potion explodes all over Harry and makes him break out in a green rash.

12. What change does the Educational Decree Number Twenty-four enact?
(a) Dissolves the House Cup competition for the remainder of the school year.
(b) Announces that all teachers are now on probation pending further review.
(c) Institutes an 8pm curfew for all students.
(d) Disbands all student clubs, teams and organizations.

13. Why is Sirius the happiest Harry has ever seen during the holidays?
(a) Because he learns he will be offered a full pardon by the Ministry.
(b) Because he missed spending time with Harry.
(c) Because he has a house full of friends.
(d) Because he is able to go out in public without fear of being caught.

14. How did the Black family's beliefs differ from those of Sirius?
(a) They wanted all house elves to be freed from slavery.
(b) They were fervent supporters of the pure blood movement and dark wizards.
(c) They wanted Dumbledore to serve as the Minister of Magic.
(d) They supported sending all mudbloods to Azkaban for life.

15. Why does Hermione begin to question whether it's a good idea to meet in their secret club?
(a) Because she dislikes breaking rules.
(b) Because Harry has been behaving unreliably.
(c) Because Sirius thinks it's a good idea.
(d) Because she doesn't want to be repsonsible for getting the others into trouble.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Dobby wearing so many clothes when he sees Harry in Chapter 18?

2. Why doesn't Harry end up sitting with Ron and Hermione on the train?

3. What makes Aunt Petunia decide Harry must be allowed to stay?

4. What does McGonagall tell Harry to watch out for?

5. What does Cho Chang tell Harry at the end of Chapter 18 that makes him secretly happy?

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