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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hagrid choose to ignore Hermione's advice about changing his curriculum?
(a) Because Hermione always worries about trivial things.
(b) Because he is certain his lessons are more interesting than other teachers' might be.
(c) Because he's not smart enough to write new lesson plans.
(d) Because Dumbledore told him not to concern himself with Umbridge.

2. At the end of Chapter Six, what dampens Harry's mood?
(a) Hearing that Quidditch was cancelled for the coming school year.
(b) A message from Hagrid about the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.
(c) Memories of how his parents were killed.
(d) The realization that he has a hearing at the Ministry of Magic the next day.

3. Why did Harry's friends neglect to respond to his letters?
(a) Hedwig wasn't able to deliver Harry's letters because of the Ministry of Magic.
(b) The Dursleys stole the letters that Hedwig was bringing back to Harry.
(c) Dumbledore was worried their messages would be intercepted.
(d) They were tired of him whining about his problems and wanted a break.

4. What post is Professor Umbridge appointed to by the Ministry of Magic?
(a) Headmistress of Hogwarts.
(b) Hogwarts' High Inquisitor.
(c) Divination Professor.
(d) Assistant Minister of Magic.

5. Harry is surprised by the number of students that come to the first meeting; how many showed up?
(a) Seventeen students.
(b) Thirty-two students.
(c) Twenty-five students.
(d) Forty-one students.

6. What accusation from Filch does Cho defend Harry against?
(a) Sneaking into Hogsmeade.
(b) Sneaking into the girls' dormitory.
(c) Cheating in Potions.
(d) That he was buying Dungbombs.

7. What does Umbridge taunt Snape about when she sits in on his Potions class?
(a) He has a sister imprisoned at Azkaban.
(b) She thinks potions are ineffectual and not "real magic".
(c) His having been passed over for the Defense Against the Darks Arts position several times.
(d) That he was not a particularly talented student when he attended Hogwarts.

8. What person was in disguise watching the children during their first meeting of Dumbledore's Army?
(a) Mundungus Fletcher.
(b) Professor McGonagall.
(c) Mrs. Figg.
(d) Sirius.

9. What makes Aunt Petunia decide Harry must be allowed to stay?
(a) A Howler which says "Remember my last, Petunia".
(b) A formal request from the Ministry of Magic.
(c) An owl from Dumbledore reminding her why Harry's mother died.
(d) A visit from Hagrid.

10. Why does Harry fight with Professor Umbridge during the Defense Against the Dark Arts class?
(a) That Umbridge voted against Harry during his hearing.
(b) Because Umbridge doesn't think house elfs should have citizen rights.
(c) Harry doesn't like the textbook she has chosen for the class.
(d) Because Harry believes Voldemort has returned.

11. What one piece of good news do the main characters learn after being fiercely disciplined for attacking Malfoy?
(a) Sirius has been pardoned for his crimes.
(b) The Weasleys have won the lottery.
(c) Umbridge has been fired.
(d) Hagrid has returned.

12. What change does the Educational Decree Number Twenty-four enact?
(a) Disbands all student clubs, teams and organizations.
(b) Dissolves the House Cup competition for the remainder of the school year.
(c) Announces that all teachers are now on probation pending further review.
(d) Institutes an 8pm curfew for all students.

13. What space does Harry discover that is perfect for D.A. meetings?
(a) Dumbledore's office.
(b) A small cabin in the Forbidden Forest.
(c) The Room of Requirement.
(d) The Divination classroom.

14. Why is the current leader of the giants of great concern to Dumbledore?
(a) Because he is overwhelmingly easy to trick.
(b) Because he is not a pure-blooded giant.
(c) Because the leader has been recruited by Voldemort.
(d) Because he passionately hates all wizards.

15. Why is the Gryffindor Quidditch practice cancelled?
(a) Because dementors have been spotted lurking around Hogwarts.
(b) Because the team has not been given permission to reform.
(c) Because Umbridge has forbidden all sporting activities during the academic week.
(d) Because Ron injures another teammate.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when McGonagall tries to discipline Harry and George for their poor sportsmanship?

2. Why does Hermione begin to question whether it's a good idea to meet in their secret club?

3. What does Harry discover about the pain he feels in his scar on occasion?

4. Why does Ginny chastise Harry when they sit down to eat over the holidays?

5. What explanation does Hagrid give for his extended absence?

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