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Athens - This location is situated on the mountain known as the Acropolis.

Aegina - This location is part of the Saronic Islands in Greece.

Black Sea - This location is between southeast Europe and Asia Minor, which borders Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia.

Acharnae - This location was in the northwest part of Attica and was one of its largest subdivisions.

Attica - This location is part of Southern Greece and consists of Peiraeus, Eleusis, Megara, Laurium, Marathon, and the islands of Salamis, Aegina, Proros, Hydra, Spetses, Kythira, and Antikythera.

Chariots - These objects were used in ancient warfare and later used for travel, processions, and races in games.

Tartarus - In Greek mythology, this object is lower than Hades where the light and the cosmos have evolved.

Delphi - This location is on the southwest part of Mount Parnassus, in the Phocis valley...

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