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Jennifer Weiner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ceremony is taking place in Chapter 20?
(a) A wedding.
(b) A baptism.
(c) A naming ceremony.
(d) A commitment ceremony.

2. Who is upset to learn that Cannie intends to keep her baby?
(a) Samantha.
(b) Gabby.
(c) Bruce.
(d) Her mother.

3. What magazine publishes Cannie's article?
(a) Cosmopolitain.
(b) Redbook.
(c) Moxie.
(d) Woman's Day.

4. Who does Cannie find visiting Joy at the hospital in Chapter 19?
(a) Her father.
(b) Bruce's mother.
(c) Bruce.
(d) Gabby.

5. What has Adrian left for Cannie to use?
(a) His car.
(b) His call phone.
(c) His credit card.
(d) His agent's number.

6. What does Cannie dream of in the hospital?
(a) Her childhood and swimming.
(b) Nifkin giving her life advice.
(c) Telling off Bruce.
(d) Her baby being born overweight.

7. Where does Adrian suggest he and Cannie drive to?
(a) To the beach.
(b) To a club.
(c) To Las Vegas.
(d) To the Hollywood sign.

8. What does Cannie notice the pregnant women in her books always have?
(a) Big breasts.
(b) Designer maternity wear.
(c) A partner.
(d) A large belly.

9. What do Dr. K, Cannie and Joy watch together?
(a) Fireworks.
(b) The Times Square celebrations in New York.
(c) A football game.
(d) The sunset.

10. Where does Cannie wake up at the beginning of Chapter 16?
(a) The back seat of a car.
(b) A hotel.
(c) Maxi's living room.
(d) A stranger's bed.

11. Who decorates Cannie's apartment for her?
(a) Tanya.
(b) Maxi.
(c) Lucy.
(d) Ann.

12. What does Cannie read on the plane?
(a) Bruce's latest article.
(b) An agent's contract.
(c) A pregnancy guide book.
(d) The newspaper.

13. About how much weight has Cannie lost by Chapter 19?
(a) Twenty pounds.
(b) Forty pounds.
(c) Fifteen pounds.
(d) Thirty pounds.

14. What name does Cannie use to make an appointment with her father?
(a) Betty Rubble.
(b) Jessica Rabbit.
(c) Lois Lane.
(d) Betty Boop.

15. At Thanksgiving dinner, who does Lucy announce having found?
(a) Her half-siblings.
(b) Her father.
(c) A boyfriend.
(d) An agent.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Cannie react to Bruce's latest column?

2. What does Cannie tell Dr. K she wants to write?

3. What does Cannie compare the feeling of her baby moving to?

4. What does Dr. K buy for Nifkin?

5. What is Dr. K's first name?

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