Big Summer Summary
Jennifer Weiner

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Big Summer Overview

In the novel Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner, overweight, middle-class Daphne Berg has just reunited with the rich, privileged, and perfect Drue Cavanaugh. Daphne and Drue met the first day of school in sixth grade, and their less than perfect friendship had continued throughout high school. Even though there were times when Drue was cruel to Daphne and other people in school, Daphne is willing to let the hurtful days rest. Then, Drue is murdered the night before her wedding. Regardless of Drue's past history as a less than perfect friend, Daphne still believes Drue deserves justice. She begins an investigation of her own that will lead to someone whom Drue had used and tossed in the past. Themes in the novel include women’s relationships, the impact of the parent/child relationship, and misleading profiles on social media.