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Jennifer Weiner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cannie admire about Bruce's father?
(a) He enjoys spending time with his family.
(b) He is rich.
(c) He's very intelligent.
(d) He treats his wife like a queen.

2. What does Jane order for lunch in Chapter 4?
(a) Lobster.
(b) Just lettuce.
(c) Long Island iced tea and a bagel.
(d) Spaghetti.

3. What does Cannie's father do for a living?
(a) Cannie's father is a businessman.
(b) Cannie's father is a lawyer.
(c) Cannie's father is an engineer.
(d) Cannie's father is a plastic surgeon.

4. As a teenager, how did Cannie cope with her belief that her father didn't love her?
(a) By acting out.
(b) By running away from home.
(c) By trying to be invisible.
(d) By doing drugs.

5. What do the scales at the weight loss center make Cannie feel like?
(a) A postal worker.
(b) Heavy machinery.
(c) An elephant.
(d) Livestock.

6. Who says "Can you imagine the idiot that let someone like this get way?" in reference to Bruce?
(a) Betsy.
(b) Samantha.
(c) Lily.
(d) Dr. K.

7. Who suggests that Cannie is sitting at home reading old love letters from Bruce?
(a) Betsy.
(b) Lucy.
(c) Samantha.
(d) Her mother.

8. What does Cannie hope to show Jane Sloan?
(a) A screenplay.
(b) Her latest magazine article.
(c) A manuscript.
(d) Her sister's headshots.

9. What activity does Maxi do to forget her ex?
(a) Invests in real estate.
(b) Writes in a diary.
(c) Participates in extreme sports.
(d) Donates her time to charities.

10. Who is Maxi Ryder?
(a) An actress.
(b) A singer.
(c) A writer.
(d) A dancer.

11. Who is Lily?
(a) A receptionist.
(b) A woman Cannie sits next to.
(c) A high school friend.
(d) A co-worker.

12. Where does Cannie meet Steve?
(a) A coffee shop.
(b) At work.
(c) A bar.
(d) The dog park.

13. When did Cannie's father return after having left his family?
(a) Six months later.
(b) A month later.
(c) Two days later.
(d) A year later.

14. What does Dr. K call to tell Cannie?
(a) That she needs to come in for more tests.
(b) That she has lost too much weight.
(c) That she missed a meeting.
(d) That she is disqualified from the weight loss study.

15. What does Cannie read while staying at her mother's house?
(a) Her screenplay.
(b) Moxie back issues.
(c) Her childhood books.
(d) Reader's Digest.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Cannie meet Samantha after leaving her weight loss group meeting?

2. What does Steve do for a living?

3. How do Bruce's friends act towards Cannie at the funeral?

4. What does Cannie do to get in touch with Bruce in Chapter 4?

5. Who is recalled to have said, "If Cannie wants a ring, she'll have a ring in a minute"?

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