Good in Bed Short Essay - Answer Key

Jennifer Weiner
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1. Describe Cannie Shapiro.

Cannie is a twenty-eight year old entertainment reporter working for the Philadelphia Enquirer. Cannie is overweight and struggles with accepting herself as she is.

2. What does Cannie think is ironic about the title of Bruce's column?

Cannie thinks it is ironic that Bruce's column is titled "Good in Bed" given that she knows Bruce is not very sexually experienced.

3. What is Cannie's relationship with her father?

Cannie's parents divorced when she was very young and it appears that she has no relationship to speak of with her father, though it is something she yearns for.

4. What influence does Cannie believe Bruce's upbringing has had on him?

Cannie believes that because Bruce's parents provided a very stable, comfortable and nurturing environment to their son, Bruce never developed drive and ambition. In Connie's view, Bruce prefers to drift through life.

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