Good in Bed Fun Activities

Jennifer Weiner
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News article

Cannie is a writer for a newspaper. Have students write a news article about an important event that takes place in the novel.


Have students choose their favorite scene in the novel "Good in Bed". Create a diorama based on this scene.


Cannie lives in Philadelphia and visits New York, Hollywood and New Jersey in the novel. Have students choose one of these three places and make a postcard. On the front, have them either draw a picture or make a small collage out of magazine clippings. On the back, write a message from Cannie to someone she cares about.

Dream bedroom

Maxi decorates Cannie's new apartment with things that Cannie loves. Have students design their dream bedroom and share with the class.

Name Meanings

At the end of the novel, Cannie chooses to name her baby Joy. Have students look up the meaning...

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