Good in Bed Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Jennifer Weiner
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Essay Topic 1

Cannie's family issues are a prominent theme in the novel. Discuss Cannie's family history and what family issues she deals with currently in the narrative.

Essay Topic 2

Many of Cannie's actions are a reflection of her feelings for Bruce. Discuss the character of Bruce Guberman and how he affects Cannie's life.

Essay Topic 3

Cannie's relationship with her father has left many scars that affects her relationships with others. Discuss Cannie's relationship with her father and how his abandonment has affected her.

Essay Topic 4

In Bruce's article, he discusses the societal norms associated with weight and body type. How do these societal norms become an issue for Cannie in her life?

Essay Topic 5

Cannie showcases a great deal of insecurity in many aspects of her life. Discuss in what ways Cannie is insecure and how she became so.

Essay Topic 6

Discuss Weiner's use of symbolism in "Good...

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