Good in Bed Character Descriptions

Jennifer Weiner
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Cannie Shapiro

This is the protagonist of the novel.

Bruce Guberman

This character's father dies in the novel.

Dr. Peter Krushlevensky

This character is a kind and patient doctor.

Anne Shapiro

After divorcing, this character comes out of the closet.


This character is described as being brash and often gives too much information about her life.


This character is the protagonist's best friend.

Maxi Ryder

This character is famous and meets the protagonist in a restroom.

Joy Shapiro

This character is born prematurely.

Dr. Shapiro

This character is a plastic surgeon.


This character is a dog.


This character is a cute engineer.

Audrey Guberman

This character is described by the protagonist as flawless, kind, classy and elegant.

Leonard Guberman

This character dies in the novel.

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