Good in Bed Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jennifer Weiner
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Chapter 1

• Cannie finds that her ex-boyfriend, Bruce, has written a magazine article about their relationship titled "Loving a Larger Woman".

• Cannie is outraged by the article.

• Cannie recalls how she and Bruce met at a party three years ago.

• Cannie confronts Bruce in his parking lot.

• Cannie and Bruce have been split up for three months.

Chapter 2

• Cannie's mother calls, insisting they meet for a cooking demonstration.

• Cannie recalls what it was like growing up as a child of divorced parents.

• Cannie's mother suggests that Cannie is not upset by Bruce's article, but by the fact that Bruce has a regular column.

Chapter 3

• Cannie visits the Philadelphia Weight and Eating Disorders Center hoping to participate in a new weight-loss study.

• Cannie fills out a questionnaire about her weight history - she gives her reason for being there as "humiliated in national publication".
• Cannie meets Dr. K, who informs...

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