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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tertullian turned away from the ____________ movement, joining a Montanist movement that featured a new prophecy.
(a) Agnostic.
(b) Christian scientists.
(c) Orthodox.
(d) Gnostic.

2. Blake noted the differences between the Gnostics and the orthodox: "Both read the Bible day and night, But where thou read'st black where I see _________."
(a) Light.
(b) Trite.
(c) White.
(d) Right.

3. Who took a mediating position with the Christian Church, though they had internal problems as to how to view the orthodox?
(a) Marcions.
(b) Monads.
(c) Valentinians.
(d) Church of Peter.

4. The young Christian woman named Blandina was able to withstand tremendous pain and torture, eventually being killed by being tossed in a net and exposed to ____________.
(a) Fire.
(b) A lake.
(c) A bull.
(d) The elements.

5. The writings of Peter state that the Gnostics believed the orthodox church was an/a ____________ church which claims exclusive legitimacy.
(a) Ruthless.
(b) Imitation.
(c) Honorable.
(d) Idiotic.

6. There is even some suggestion in Gnostic texts that man himself creates the world of ___________, something radical even for the Gnostic beliefs.
(a) Man.
(b) God.
(c) Life.
(d) Pain.

7. The orthodoxy tried to maintain its power and its legitimacy by striving against any _____________ criteria.
(a) Subjective.
(b) Objective.
(c) Truthful.
(d) Dishonest.

8. The Gnostic focus was on ___________ which was thought to be psychological or emotional in nature.
(a) Learning.
(b) Faith.
(c) Strength.
(d) Suffering.

9. The laughing Jesus implies a separation between the physical and the spiritual Jesus and casts doubt on the traditional concept of the ________.
(a) Atonement.
(b) Connection between Jesus and man.
(c) Prayer.
(d) Darkness.

10. The Gnostic author had nothing but contempt for a congregation of seekers that sought to avoid the firm citadel of Christan ___________.
(a) Blasphemy.
(b) Communion.
(c) Crucifixion.
(d) Confession.

11. Citizens were _____________ immediately, but those who were non-citizens were tortured in public stadiums.
(a) Beheaded.
(b) Poisoned.
(c) Shot.
(d) Tortured.

12. Phillip in his gospel laughs at the _________________ as a test of spiritual sufficiency, as people receive nothing from this.
(a) Communion.
(b) Reconciliation.
(c) Eucharist.
(d) Baptism by water.

13. Justin was a philosopher who wrote to the Emperor protesting the treatment of a __________________.
(a) Christian man.
(b) Whore.
(c) Christian woman.
(d) Disciple of Jesus.

14. Ignatius placed the presence of the ____________ as the legitimizing force in administering the sacrament and in holding meetings.
(a) Pope.
(b) Layperson.
(c) Bishop.
(d) Priest.

15. The Roman Empire believed that the Christian followers saw their many pagan gods as _______________.
(a) Helpers.
(b) Truth.
(c) Demonic.
(d) Lesser beings.

Short Answer Questions

1. The idea that united Gnostics, according to Pagels, seems to be that the path to God lay _____________.

2. The Valentinians also speak of the birth of _________ from her confusion, water from her terror, and air from her grief.

3. To the Gnostics, the body of the orthodox church, the mass of _________ believers was outside of the true Church.

4. The Valentians speak of ___________ giving birth to the world out of their own suffering.

5. Pagels wonders if true authority is only found when one takes a journey __________ on his own.

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