The Gnostic Gospels Character Descriptions

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Adam - This person appears in the Old Testament, in the Book of Genesis, in the Garden of Eden. He also appears in a number of the Nag Hammadi texts, such as the Testimony of Truth, as a character in versions of the creation story that vary from the one in Genesis.

al-Qummus Basiliyusi Abd al-Masih - This person was a priest who hid some of the Gnostic books for Muhammad 'Ali al-Samman. He gave one to the history teacher, Raghib.

Marcus Aurelius - This person was emperor of Rome in the second half of the second century. He has been described as an educated and erudite ruler, but Christians were still persecuted under his regime.

Clement of Alexandria - This person, a revered orthodox Christian scholar writing in Egypt around the last part of the second century, expressed many sympathies toward women and their role...

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