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• Some Arab peasants found early records of early Christianity in a jar.

• Mohammed 'Ali did not want to break the jar open at first.

• The scrolls were scattered around the globe.

• The Jung Foundation bought the codices.

• Many gospels were written, talking about various apostles who were not given a voice in the Bible.

• The dating of the Greek gospels is controversial.

• The Nag Hammadi discovery did not surface to the public for awhile.

Chapter 1

• The resurrection is seen to be the building block of orthodox Christianity.

• There is much debate over whether the resurrection was physical or spiritual.

• Pagels concludes that the use of a spiritual resurrection is good for the politics of the church.

• Different people have written as having seen Jesus when he resurrected.

Chapter 2

• Marcion believed there were actually two different and separate gods.

• It is unclear as to whether the writings meant...

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