Objects & Places from Glitch

Heather Anastasiu
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This is the main setting for the beginning of the novel. This is the name of the post-apocalyptic community where Abby was born and raised. It is surrounded by a wall that was supposedly erected to protect the citizens from zombies.

Chesney Forest

This is the location that Kaden tells Abby they are at when she first awakens after her kidnapping in Chapter 11. This location is described as being filled with redwood trees and lush beauty.


This term in the novel refers to the “future-self” of an individual. Characters ritually meet with their future-selves on their eighteenth birthday in order that they may gain wisdom from their experiences.

The Oracle

This figure in the history of Abby’s people is described as the first person who discovered time travel.


These creatures in the novel are described as infected with a type of virus that makes...

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