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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Amanda accuse Tom of living?
(a) In his own world
(b) In a bunch of lies
(c) In a dream
(d) In a fantasy

2. What section of the news paper does Jim say he wants?
(a) Classifieds
(b) Comics
(c) Sports
(d) Business

3. What does Laura remember about Jim's voice?
(a) It was loud
(b) It was clear
(c) It was beautiful
(d) It was unique

4. What sickness did Amanda have the spring she met her husband?
(a) Influenza
(b) Mumps
(c) Malaria fever
(d) Typhoid

5. What does Laura remember about her brace?
(a) It clumped loudly
(b) People made fun of it
(c) It hurt
(d) It had to be oiled

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Amanda tell Jim that Moses was when the lights went out?

2. What kind of flowers is Amanda carrying when she enters the room?

3. What does Jim tell Tom is the difference between them and the men in the office down front?

4. Who does Jim say was talking to him about Tom?

5. What does Amanda give Jim in addition to the candelabrum to take to Laura in the parlor?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jim explain to Amanda that Laura looks so serious?

2. Where does Amanda tell Tom to go when he announces he is leaving?

3. What does Amanda tell Jim he has been good for?

4. What does Jim try to convince Tom would be a good course for Tom at the college?

5. Why did Laura go to all three of Jim's high school choir performances of The Pirates of Penzance?

6. What does Jim stat might have happened to the light bill Amanda gave to Tom?

7. What does Amanda have Jim do while her and Tom are clearing the table and doing dishes?

8. What do Jim and Amanda say about candlelight?

9. Why does she tell Jim that he should look at the fuse box and not Tom?

10. Describe Amanda's mannerisms and look when she enters the the room to talk to Jim and Tom in scene six.

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