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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom say he would rather do than go to night school?
(a) Dance
(b) Drink
(c) Smoke
(d) Go to the movies

2. What does Amanda say that Laura and Tom's father had plenty of?
(a) Enthusiasm
(b) Skill
(c) Spirit
(d) Charm

3. When Laura offers to clear the table what activities does Amanda suggest she go do?
(a) Go for a brisk walk
(b) Brush her hair and straighten her dress
(c) Study her typewriter chart, or practice her shorthand
(d) Apply makeup and perfume

4. How does the conversation end between Amanda and Ida Scott regarding the magazine subscription?
(a) Ida says no thank you
(b) Ida renews her subscription
(c) Ida tells Amanda she hates the magazine
(d) Ida hangs up on Amanda

5. What is Laura's explanation for the lack of gentlemen callers?
(a) The State Fair is in progress
(b) Laura isn't popular
(c) Laura told them not to come
(d) They think Laura is poor

Short Answer Questions

1. What did it say in the Personal Section of the yearbook about Jim and Emily Meisenback?

2. What was it that he gave Tom as a souvenir?

3. What does Amanda want Tom to look for at work?

4. What does Amanda say that Tom should have done the minute he accepted Tom's invitation?

5. When does Amanda's alarm clock go off?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Amanda worried will happen if Tom happens to leave?

2. Why does Laura want Tom to apologize to Amanda?

3. What reasons are discussed for the lack of gentlemen callers that Laura will be receiving that evening in scene one?

4. Describe what Amanda wears to her D.A.R. meetings.

5. What reasons does Tom give for them not expecting to much of Laura in regards to the gentleman caller?

6. Amanda doesn't believe that Tom goes to the movies every night. What does she allude to that she believes Tom is doing?

7. What is the significance of Malvolio the Magician that Tom watches perform?

8. What does Amanda ask Tom to do for Laura?

9. Where does Amanda tell Tom that most people get their adventure at?

10. When and where does the story take place?

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