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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Amanda say Bates Cutrere was carrying the night he died?
(a) An old love letter
(b) A lucky rabits foot
(c) A picture of Amanda
(d) A locket with Amanda's hair inside

2. What does Amanda want Laura to do when she calls her from the kitchen?
(a) Make a wish on the moon
(b) Help her with the cleaning
(c) Play a record
(d) Dance around the room

3. What meeting was Amanda supposed to have been at?
(a) Women's liberation meeting
(b) Book club meeting
(c) Local theater club
(d) D.A.R. meeting

4. Amanda tells her son Tom to not push his food with his fingers. What does he suggest he push with?
(a) Spoon
(b) Crust of Bread
(c) Napkin
(d) Elbow

5. What does Tom say that he won't do after he rises?
(a) Shine
(b) Be Happy
(c) Brush his teeth
(d) Get Dressed

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Tom takes the first sip of his hot coffee?

2. What does laura have when she comes out of the kitchen when Amanda calls her?

3. When Tom stands up from the table Amanda tells him he is not excused. What does he tell her he is going to go get?

4. When Laura offers to clear the table what activities does Amanda suggest she go do?

5. Why did Amanda take Tom's novel back to the library?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Amanda tell Tom that most people get their adventure at?

2. What things does Tom say described what Jim was like and what he did in high school?

3. Why does Amanda say that she is rejuvenated that night?

4. What does Amanda tell Tom to wait on before he leaves for the merchant marines?

5. What does Laura say to Jim before he recognizes her?

6. What does Amanda do as soon as Jim has left the house?

7. Describe what Amanda wears to her D.A.R. meetings.

8. What is the significance of Malvolio the Magician that Tom watches perform?

9. What does Jim stat might have happened to the light bill Amanda gave to Tom?

10. At the end of scene three what does Tom say to Amanda that makes her angry?

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