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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Amanda tell Laura that Amanda won't answer the door when Tom gets home?
(a) Amanda will be busy
(b) Amanda hates answering the door
(c) So that Laura can see Jim
(d) Amanda will be in the bath

2. Who does Jim say was talking to him about Tom?
(a) Mr. Goodenburg
(b) Mr. Alanzo
(c) Mr. Mendoza
(d) The Mayor

3. What symptoms did Amanda say she had while she was sick the spring she met her husband?
(a) little temperature all the time
(b) Rash
(c) High temperature on and off
(d) Sick to her stomach

4. What kind of wine does Jim give Laura?
(a) Strawberry
(b) Dandelion
(c) Rose
(d) Red

5. What name does Jim call Emily Meisenbach, the girl he dated in high school?
(a) Bafoon
(b) Kraut-head
(c) Twit
(d) Liar

6. What does Jim suggest to warm Laura up?
(a) Rub them together
(b) Put on a shawl
(c) Go for a jog
(d) Play swing music

7. What does Amanda say she is doing when she spills the lemonade?
(a) Baptizing herself
(b) Bathing herself
(c) Watering herself
(d) Ruining her dress

8. What reason does Laura give for having cold hands?
(a) Fixing cold drinks
(b) Washing in cold water
(c) Playing cards
(d) Playing the Victrola

9. What does Laura remember about her brace?
(a) It had to be oiled
(b) People made fun of it
(c) It hurt
(d) It clumped loudly

10. Which of the following was Jim not involved in during high school?
(a) Basketball
(b) Debating
(c) Glee club
(d) Boxing

11. What did Jim see while in Chicago that was what future America will be like?
(a) Tommorow's Plans
(b) Future World
(c) Hall of Science
(d) Walk of Dreams

12. What does Amanda ask Jim to check when the lights go out?
(a) The fuses
(b) The wires
(c) The neighbors lights
(d) The switches

13. What does Tom say he is that he did not intend to be?
(a) Remembering
(b) Selfish
(c) Faithful
(d) Harsh

14. Whose steps does Tom say he followed in?
(a) His fathers
(b) His own
(c) His sisters
(d) His mothers

15. What does Amanda claim science creates more of rather than clears up?
(a) Messes
(b) Confusion
(c) Church confusion
(d) Mysteries

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of girl does Jim think that Laura is?

2. What does Laura remember about Jim's voice?

3. What does Amanda say about Laura drinking a little wine?

4. Where is the fuse box located?

5. Where did Tom know Jim from before the warehouse?

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