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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What symptoms did Amanda say she had while she was sick the spring she met her husband?
(a) little temperature all the time
(b) Sick to her stomach
(c) Rash
(d) High temperature on and off

2. Who says grace at the Table?
(a) Tom
(b) Amanda
(c) Laura
(d) Jim

3. What does Jim tell Amanda he has to leave for?
(a) To pick up Betty
(b) To get his sister
(c) He has work in the morning
(d) His mother worries

4. What type of girl does Jim think that Laura is?
(a) Funny
(b) Likeable
(c) Old fashioned
(d) New Age

5. What did Jim see while in Chicago that was what future America will be like?
(a) Tommorow's Plans
(b) Walk of Dreams
(c) Hall of Science
(d) Future World

6. What does Tom have to do because he didn't pay the light bill?
(a) Dishes
(b) Make refreshments
(c) Mop
(d) Clear the table

7. In the song Amanda sings what is lemonade good enough for?
(a) Everybody
(b) Any old maid
(c) You and Me
(d) Kings and Queens

8. Where does Jim set the Candelabrum?
(a) Table
(b) Couch
(c) Shelf
(d) Floor

9. What section of the news paper does Jim say he wants?
(a) Business
(b) Classifieds
(c) Comics
(d) Sports

10. What happened to the church where the Candelabrum came from?
(a) It closed it's doors
(b) They got new items
(c) It turned into a center for aging adults
(d) It burned down

11. What does Amanda tell Laura that all pretty girls are?
(a) A riddle
(b) A lie
(c) A trap
(d) A joke

12. What types does Jim say that he and Tom are not?
(a) Warehouse
(b) Yes sir
(c) Exceptional
(d) Average

13. What did Amanda say she did when there was no more room for the flowers she had been picking?
(a) Amanda would hold them
(b) Put them on the porch
(c) Throw them away
(d) Put them in the sink

14. What is Tom holding when Amanda calls him into the living room?
(a) Biscuit and wine
(b) Donut and coffee
(c) Macaroon and lemonade
(d) Bread and tea

15. What did Amanda give Tom a little extra change that morning?
(a) For a big lunch
(b) For the pay phone
(c) To buy a drink at the bar
(d) For the service car

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of wine does Jim give Laura?

2. Who does Jim comment on when he is reading the news paper?

3. Who is behind Tom when he turns around?

4. What does Tom tell Jim he is planning?

5. What class did Laura and Jim have together in high school?

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