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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What month did Amanda say it was when she was picking flowers with her gentlemen callers?
(a) May
(b) January
(c) June
(d) April

2. What does Jim comment about when Laura shakes his hand?
(a) Her dress
(b) Her cold hand
(c) Strong grip
(d) Her perfume

3. What did Amanda dump into the refreshment?
(a) Peaches
(b) Sliced lemons
(c) Cinnamon cloves
(d) Maraschino cherries

4. What did Jim call Tom?
(a) Hamlet
(b) Poe
(c) Shakespeare
(d) Homer

5. Where did Tom know Jim from before the warehouse?
(a) Church
(b) Family friend
(c) High school
(d) They dated the same girl

6. What does Laura remember about her brace?
(a) It hurt
(b) It clumped loudly
(c) People made fun of it
(d) It had to be oiled

7. Where are the candles when the lights go out?
(a) In the kitchen
(b) On the table
(c) In Amanda's bedroom
(d) In the hallway

8. What does Amanda hope Tom and Jim will get home before?
(a) Dinner is ready
(b) Bed time
(c) The rain starts
(d) It gets to dark

9. Why does Laura have to let Tom and Jim in the house?
(a) Amanda had put on an extra lock
(b) To make a grand appearance
(c) Tom is to lazy to unlock it
(d) Tom forgot his keys

10. What is Jim doing at the door while he is whistling?
(a) Patting down his hair
(b) Looking for a cigarette
(c) Scratching inside his ear
(d) Kicking at his shoes

11. Who does Jim comment on when he is reading the news paper?
(a) Babe Ruth
(b) Dagwood
(c) Dizzy Dean
(d) Mayor Thompson

12. Which of the following was Jim not involved in during high school?
(a) Boxing
(b) Basketball
(c) Glee club
(d) Debating

13. What does Tom have to do because he didn't pay the light bill?
(a) Clear the table
(b) Make refreshments
(c) Mop
(d) Dishes

14. What does Amanda say she is doing when she spills the lemonade?
(a) Watering herself
(b) Ruining her dress
(c) Bathing herself
(d) Baptizing herself

15. What course is Jim taking that he tries to convince Tom would be good for him?
(a) Tap Dancing
(b) Public Speaking
(c) Accounting
(d) Radio Engineering

Short Answer Questions

1. What symptoms did Amanda say she had while she was sick the spring she met her husband?

2. What did Jim go to Chicago to see?

3. What does Jim say about Candlelight?

4. What is Amanda making the dressing to go with?

5. What does Tom tell Jim he is planning?

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