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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What skill does Amanda claim to possess that allowed her to entertain her gentlemen caller?
(a) Art of Conversation
(b) Singing
(c) Animal Impersonations
(d) Dancing

2. When Laura offers to clear the table what activities does Amanda suggest she go do?
(a) Brush her hair and straighten her dress
(b) Study her typewriter chart, or practice her shorthand
(c) Apply makeup and perfume
(d) Go for a brisk walk

3. What happens when Tom is trying to get his coat on as he goes out the door?
(a) He knocks a piture off the mantle
(b) Laura's glass menagerie is broken
(c) The phone is broken
(d) He hits his mother

4. What happens to the lit match that Tom drops on the floor?
(a) It falls through the cracks
(b) It scares the cat
(c) It catches the rug on fire
(d) It burns him

5. When Tom stands up from the table Amanda tells him he is not excused. What does he tell her he is going to go get?
(a) A Clean Plate
(b) The Dessert
(c) A Cigarette
(d) The Phone

6. What is the magazine called that Amanda is gathering subscriptions for?
(a) Housewife Exclusive
(b) How to for Housewives
(c) Housewife Undergarments
(d) The Homemaker's Companion

7. What is Amanda sending Laura out to the store to buy?
(a) Milk
(b) Butter
(c) Artichokes
(d) Eggs

8. What did Amanda and her gentlemen callers discuss?
(a) The latest gossip
(b) Anything of intrest
(c) Things of importance going on in the world
(d) Whatever came to mind

9. What makes Tom think that James is into self-improvement?
(a) He reads self-help books
(b) He goes to night-school
(c) He exercises
(d) He worries about his appearance

10. What is the young man's name that Tom invites over for dinner?
(a) Shawn Thornton
(b) Fredrick Martin Maclintock
(c) Jamed Delaney O'Connor
(d) Jarred Davies O'Maley

11. What is the first item that Tom drops when he gets to his door?
(a) His Hat
(b) The Keys
(c) A Piece of Paper
(d) Money

12. Who is the boy that Laura states she liked once?
(a) Fredrick
(b) Jim
(c) Barthalomew
(d) Alanzo

13. What does Laura tell her mother she has been doing everyday when she should be at school.
(a) At the library
(b) Walking
(c) Working at a refinery
(d) Learning to dance

14. What does Amanda want Laura to do when she calls her from the kitchen?
(a) Make a wish on the moon
(b) Dance around the room
(c) Play a record
(d) Help her with the cleaning

15. What has happened to most of Amanda's past gentlemen callers?
(a) Became politicians
(b) Moved away
(c) Past away
(d) Got married

Short Answer Questions

1. How many gentlemen callers does Laura predict there will be?

2. What does Amanda do with Laura's typewriter keyboard diagram?

3. What does Amanda say Bates Cutrere was carrying the night he died?

4. What does Tom call Amanda's plot to get Laura a gentleman caller?

5. How big is the moon that night?

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