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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Laura doing when she hears her mother approaching?
(a) Reading
(b) Washing and polishing her collection of glass
(c) Studying her typing
(d) Writing a letter

2. What does Laura tell her mother she has been doing everyday when she should be at school.
(a) At the library
(b) Walking
(c) Learning to dance
(d) Working at a refinery

3. How does Amanda want Laura to pay Mr. Garfinkl at the store?
(a) Steal it
(b) Offer to do odd jobs for Mr. Garfinkl
(c) Cash
(d) Charge it

4. Amanda tells Tom if he quit smoking he would have enough money to go to night school to be what?
(a) An accountant.
(b) A doctor
(c) A policeman
(d) A engineer

5. Why does Amanda want Laura to stay fresh and pretty?
(a) For Laura's gentlemen callers
(b) Laura is wearing a new dress
(c) They are going out
(d) Amanda is tired of cleaning up after her

6. What is Amanda sending Laura out to the store to buy?
(a) Butter
(b) Eggs
(c) Artichokes
(d) Milk

7. Amanda tells Tom he has a temperament like what?
(a) Spoiled Prince
(b) Prima Donna
(c) Drama Queen
(d) Metropolitan Star

8. When does Amanda's alarm clock go off?
(a) 6:00 a.m.
(b) Noon
(c) 6:30 a.m.
(d) 8:00 a.m.

9. What two words does Amanda say when Laura tells her hello?
(a) Pain! Pain!
(b) Why? Why?
(c) Deception? Deception?
(d) Wrong. Wrong.

10. What do Amanda and Tom both say they are at the end of?
(a) Patience
(b) Rope
(c) Capabilities
(d) Road

11. Who is the boy that Laura states she liked once?
(a) Barthalomew
(b) Alanzo
(c) Jim
(d) Fredrick

12. What is the gentleman's position at the warehouse?
(a) Shipping Clerk
(b) Janitor
(c) Docking Supervisior
(d) Shift Superintendent

13. How big is the moon that night?
(a) Can't see the moon for the clouds
(b) Small sliver
(c) Full
(d) No moon

14. When listing her past gentlemen callers what does Amanda say happened to Bates Cutrere.
(a) Was shot though the stomach
(b) Moved far away
(c) Left her standing at the altar
(d) Had a heart attack

15. How does Amanda describe Laura's state when Laura calls herself a cripple?
(a) A problem
(b) A little defect
(c) A challenge
(d) A worry

Short Answer Questions

1. What excuse does Ida Scott give Amanda for needing off the phone?

2. Amanda tells her son Tom to not push his food with his fingers. What does he suggest he push with?

3. Tom states that in memory everything seems to happen to what?

4. What does Tom say that he won't do after he rises?

5. Where did Amanda stop at on her way to her D.A.R. meeting?

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