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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 7, Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the young man's name that Tom invites over for dinner?
(a) Jarred Davies O'Maley
(b) Jamed Delaney O'Connor
(c) Fredrick Martin Maclintock
(d) Shawn Thornton

2. What course is Jim taking that he tries to convince Tom would be good for him?
(a) Tap Dancing
(b) Accounting
(c) Radio Engineering
(d) Public Speaking

3. What does Amanda want Laura to do when she calls her from the kitchen?
(a) Play a record
(b) Help her with the cleaning
(c) Make a wish on the moon
(d) Dance around the room

4. What does Laura ask Jim if he kept up with?
(a) Chasing girls
(b) Acting
(c) Singing
(d) Ball playing

5. What does Amanda say about Laura drinking a little wine?
(a) It will be good for her
(b) It will make her more sociable
(c) It will make her want to sing
(d) It will make her more relaxed

Short Answer Questions

1. What did it say in the Personal Section of the yearbook about Jim and Emily Meisenback?

2. In her story how many gentlemen callers does Amanda tell her children she received in one night?

3. When does Jim say he and Betty are getting married?

4. What does laura have when she comes out of the kitchen when Amanda calls her?

5. Whose steps does Tom say he followed in?

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