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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 7, Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jim claim to be when Amanda asks if he can carry both items to Laura in the parlor?
(a) Superman
(b) Unearthly strong
(c) Perfectly capable
(d) Steady as a rock

2. What happens when Tom takes the first sip of his hot coffee?
(a) He spits it back in the cup
(b) He throws the coffee in the sink
(c) He screams
(d) He falls onto the floor thrashing

3. Why does Amanda state she knows Tom isn't going to the movies?
(a) Because of the late hour
(b) She checks for movie stubs
(c) She can tell when her son is lying
(d) She follows him

4. What day did Amanda wear her dress for her gentlemen callers?
(a) Saturday
(b) Sunday
(c) Wednesday
(d) Friday

5. What reason did Amanda say the church, that the Candelabrum came from, was destroyed for?
(a) Gambling
(b) Blasphemy
(c) Card parties
(d) Sinfull acts

Short Answer Questions

1. What section of the news paper does Jim say he wants?

2. What bill did Tom not pay so that he could pay the dues for the Union of Merchant Seamen?

3. What does Laura ask Jim if he kept up with?

4. Amanda tells Tom if he quit smoking he would have enough money to go to night school to be what?

5. What does Tom say is the longest space between two spaces?

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