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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 6, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Amanda want Laura to pay Mr. Garfinkl at the store?
(a) Steal it
(b) Offer to do odd jobs for Mr. Garfinkl
(c) Charge it
(d) Cash

2. As soon as Laura is out the door Tom and Amanda hear her cry out. Why does she cry out?
(a) She saw a spider
(b) She shut the door on her finger
(c) She slipped
(d) She saw a shoe sale

3. What two words does Amanda say when Laura tells her hello?
(a) Wrong. Wrong.
(b) Why? Why?
(c) Deception? Deception?
(d) Pain! Pain!

4. What does Tom do with the scarf?
(a) Puts it in a package for his mother
(b) Gives it to Laura
(c) Burns it
(d) Wraps it around his head

5. Why does Amanda tell Laura that Amanda won't answer the door when Tom gets home?
(a) Amanda will be in the bath
(b) Amanda hates answering the door
(c) So that Laura can see Jim
(d) Amanda will be busy

Short Answer Questions

1. Amanda tells her son Tom to not push his food with his fingers. What does he suggest he push with?

2. What was it that he gave Tom as a souvenir?

3. What did Amanda and her gentlemen callers discuss?

4. Where did Amanda stop at on her way to her D.A.R. meeting?

5. What does Amanda tell Laura that all pretty girls are?

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