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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 6, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Laura doing when she hears her mother approaching?
(a) Studying her typing
(b) Writing a letter
(c) Reading
(d) Washing and polishing her collection of glass

2. What does Amanda say Bates Cutrere was carrying the night he died?
(a) A lucky rabits foot
(b) An old love letter
(c) A locket with Amanda's hair inside
(d) A picture of Amanda

3. What symptoms did Amanda say she had while she was sick the spring she met her husband?
(a) little temperature all the time
(b) Rash
(c) Sick to her stomach
(d) High temperature on and off

4. Who did Amanda say that a young lady would ask about a man's character to ensure he wasn't a drinker when she was younger?
(a) His mother
(b) Minister of his church
(c) His brothers or sisters
(d) His father

5. What does Amanda not say has "just gone up the spout?"
(a) Lifes Work
(b) Fifty dollars tuition
(c) Their plans
(d) Amanda's hopes and ambitions for Laura

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Tom and Amanda wish on?

2. What does Tom call Amanda's plot to get Laura a gentleman caller?

3. What does Amanda use as her porch?

4. What kind of flowers is Amanda carrying when she enters the room?

5. Why does Amanda want Laura to stay fresh and pretty?

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