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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Amanda think they will need to help get a gentleman caller for Laura?
(a) Extra Phone
(b) Extra Money
(c) Nice Wig
(d) Fancy Furniture

2. What does Amanda tell Tom she believes he has been doing?
(a) Stealing
(b) Vandalism
(c) Going to Church
(d) Things he is ashamed of

3. Why did Amanda take Tom's novel back to the library?
(a) Because it was filth
(b) Tom didn't like it
(c) It was late
(d) She was done reading it

4. What happens to the lit match that Tom drops on the floor?
(a) It burns him
(b) It falls through the cracks
(c) It catches the rug on fire
(d) It scares the cat

5. As soon as Laura is out the door Tom and Amanda hear her cry out. Why does she cry out?
(a) She slipped
(b) She shut the door on her finger
(c) She saw a spider
(d) She saw a shoe sale

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Amanda do with Laura's typewriter keyboard diagram?

2. Tom states that in memory everything seems to happen to what?

3. What happens when Tom is trying to get his coat on as he goes out the door?

4. What does Amanda say that Laura and Tom's father had plenty of?

5. What is Amanda sending Laura out to the store to buy?

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