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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tom describes his mother as a woman of what?
(a) Quietness
(b) Action
(c) Grace
(d) Humility

2. What does Amanda tell the children they have to do with their food that animals do not?
(a) Put it on a Plate
(b) Cook
(c) Buy it at the Store
(d) Chew

3. What did the typing instructor say when Amanda asked about Laura's progress?
(a) She has never heard of such a student
(b) That Laura dropped out after a few days
(c) Laura switched classes.
(d) Laura has started teaching the class

4. Tom explains that the last they heard from their father he sent them a postcard from somewhere near the Pacific coast of Mexico with no return address. What was written on the postcard?
(a) Hello-Goodbye!
(b) Love you!
(c) Forgive me.
(d) So long suckers.

5. When Tom stands up from the table Amanda tells him he is not excused. What does he tell her he is going to go get?
(a) A Clean Plate
(b) The Phone
(c) A Cigarette
(d) The Dessert

Short Answer Questions

1. What skill does Amanda claim to possess that allowed her to entertain her gentlemen caller?

2. Amanda tells Tom he has a temperament like what?

3. What is Amanda wearing when Tom and her enter the dinning room?

4. What was it that Jim called Laura in high school?

5. How does the conversation end between Amanda and Ida Scott regarding the magazine subscription?

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