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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Amanda not say has "just gone up the spout?"
(a) Lifes Work
(b) Amanda's hopes and ambitions for Laura
(c) Their plans
(d) Fifty dollars tuition

2. What does Amanda say Bates Cutrere was carrying the night he died?
(a) A lucky rabits foot
(b) A picture of Amanda
(c) A locket with Amanda's hair inside
(d) An old love letter

3. What does Amanda do with Laura's typewriter keyboard diagram?
(a) Tears it into pieces
(b) Spits on it
(c) Throws it out the window
(d) Burns it

4. Where did Amanda stop at on her way to her D.A.R. meeting?
(a) Rubicam's Business College
(b) Neighbors
(c) Church
(d) Theater

5. What does Amanda think they will need to help get a gentleman caller for Laura?
(a) Extra Phone
(b) Fancy Furniture
(c) Extra Money
(d) Nice Wig

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tom call Amanda's plot to get Laura a gentleman caller?

2. Amanda tells her son Tom to not push his food with his fingers. What does he suggest he push with?

3. What are the two reasons Amanda suggests would stop gentlemen callers from coming to see Laura that night?

4. Tom states that in memory everything seems to happen to what?

5. What meeting was Amanda supposed to have been at?

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