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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 7, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason did Amanda say the church, that the Candelabrum came from, was destroyed for?
(a) Card parties
(b) Blasphemy
(c) Gambling
(d) Sinfull acts

2. Which of the following was Jim not involved in during high school?
(a) Boxing
(b) Glee club
(c) Basketball
(d) Debating

3. What does Laura tell her mother she has been doing everyday when she should be at school.
(a) Learning to dance
(b) Walking
(c) Working at a refinery
(d) At the library

4. What does Amanda say that Laura and Tom's father had plenty of?
(a) Skill
(b) Charm
(c) Spirit
(d) Enthusiasm

5. What does Amanda want Laura to do when she calls her from the kitchen?
(a) Play a record
(b) Make a wish on the moon
(c) Dance around the room
(d) Help her with the cleaning

Short Answer Questions

1. What does laura have when she comes out of the kitchen when Amanda calls her?

2. What sickness did Amanda have the spring she met her husband?

3. What did it say in the Personal Section of the yearbook about Jim and Emily Meisenback?

4. What does Amanda say has happened to make her ill?

5. What is the first item that Tom drops when he gets to his door?

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