Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman Short Essay - Answer Key

Gladys Aylward
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1. Did Gladys receive strong encouragement to become a missionary in China? Explain.

No, many people discouraged Gladys from going to China. The committee at the mission society decided that learning the Chinese language would be too difficult for her. Others told her that she should continue with her mission work in England rather than traveling to China.

2. How did Dr. and Mrs. Fisher influence Gladys?

Dr. and Mrs. Fisher's implicit faith in God influenced Gladys. They also related stories of their own life overseas. They assured Gladys that God would answer her prayers.

3. Describe Gladys' mission work in England, before she left for China.

Before leaving for China, Gladys worked as a missionary in both Neath and Swansea, England. She worked as a rescue sister, trying to rescue girls from their life on the streets.

4. How did reading the Bible convince Gladys to go to China?

Gladys was inspired by reading the stories of Abraham, Moses, and Nehemiah in the Bible. In Abraham, she found someone else who left his land and family to follow God. She read about Moses and admired his courage. After reading about Nehemiah, who also felt he could not go where he was sent (Jerusalem), Gladys believed that God spoke to her and told her to go to China.

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