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Gladys Aylward
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 15 and 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Gladys tend the wounded soldiers?
(a) Peking.
(b) The battlefield.
(c) Her inn.
(d) The hospital.

2. What about Mrs. Lawson and Gladys amazed the Chinese?
(a) Their blond hair.
(b) Their tall stature.
(c) Their large feet.
(d) Their clothes.

3. Where did Gladys move after she recovered from her illness?
(a) A factory in Sian.
(b) A school in Peking.
(c) A temple in Canton.
(d) England.

4. Why was Gladys ashamed after touching Mr. Shan?
(a) Mr. Shan never became a Christian because of her action.
(b) Chinese women never touch men in public.
(c) She broke her agreement with the prison warden.
(d) Prisoners were considered unclean.

5. Why did Gladys want to go to China?
(a) Because her brother was going as a missionary.
(b) Because a Chinese missionary encouraged her to go.
(c) Because the Chinese culture fascinated her.
(d) Because millions in China had never heard of Jesus Christ.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Mrs. Lawson died, who was charged with carrying on her work?

2. Approximately how much did a fare to China cost?

3. Where did Gladys hide the children as they passed through Japanese-held territory?

4. On her journey to China, in which European city did Gladys spend the night with another young woman?

5. By the end of Chapter 6, how many children had Gladys accumulated?

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