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Short Answer Questions

1. Which country owns Sao Tome?

2. What was Jonathan's job at the Coal Corporation?

3. What does Vero make up a song about?

4. What does Jonathan buy with the family earnings?

5. Where did Reginald and Gladys meet the second time they met?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jonathan think he has been blessed?

2. How does Mike calm Cletus down in this section?

3. Why is Mrs. Emenike angry at the new socialism in Nigeria?

4. How did Father Doherty react when Mike and Cletus asked him for sugar?

5. What does Michael find out about the path he attempts to block?

6. How does Cletus lose his girlfriend in this story?

7. Why is Mr. Emenike angry at the new socialism in Nigeria?

8. How do Mr. and Mrs. Emneike react when they hear Vera has tried to poison their child?

9. Why are Mr. and Mrs. Emenike so impressed with Vera?

10. Why does Martha decide against punishing Vera?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What war did Nigeria fight in the book? What effect did the war have in their country?

Essay Topic 2

What does the stories in the book state about post colonial Nigeria? How much do the students think these problems can be attributed to colonialism?

Essay Topic 3

Why has Achebe chosen to tell the story from Mike's point of view? How would the story change if it was told from the Cletus's point of view?

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