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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had Marcus hired from Umuru?
(a) A high life band.
(b) A gospel choir.
(c) A dancing troupe.
(d) Spanish guitarists.

2. How do the people from the great rivers travel to the market?
(a) By ship.
(b) By canoe.
(c) By car.
(d) By bicycle.

3. What do the brothers assume has happened to their sister when they find the place they laid her empty?
(a) She found her way back to another village.
(b) She was eaten by wild animals.
(c) She was kidnapped.
(d) She was taken by Ani.

4. Who did Elizabeth consult about her son's forthcoming marriage?
(a) The Diviner.
(b) The Magician.
(c) The Special One.
(d) The Witch Doctor.

5. What is the name of the tribe Nnaemeka was born into?
(a) Logo.
(b) Goy.
(c) Ibo.
(d) Kbago.

6. Who does Nene ask Nnaemeka if he has written to?
(a) His mother.
(b) His father.
(c) His lawyer.
(d) His doctor.

7. Who sends a message to the boys in this section?
(a) Their grandfather.
(b) Akueke.
(c) Ani.
(d) Their mother.

8. What is the name of the city Nena has lived in all her life?
(a) Kaduna.
(b) Calabar.
(c) Kano.
(d) Lagos.

9. What kind of cakes do the fisher women buy for their children?
(a) Toffee cakes.
(b) Sponge cakes.
(c) Coffee cakes.
(d) Bean cakes.

10. Where in the past was an Osu always buried?
(a) The forest.
(b) The lake.
(c) The river.
(d) The bad bush.

11. What does Mgboye say the dog has done?
(a) Put its mouth in her soup-pot.
(b) Bit her baby.
(c) Urinated on her bed.
(d) Chewed her favorite dress.

12. Why does it amuse Akueke to see her grandfather drink?
(a) It drios from his beard.
(b) It comes back out through his nose.
(c) It stains his lips.
(d) He always makes slurping noises.

13. What two words found their way into Chike's song?
(a) Periwinkles and Damascus.
(b) Periscope and energy.
(c) Superstitious and camoflage.
(d) Constellation and conducive.

14. How does Rufus solve his problem of who to vote for?
(a) He tears his ticket in half and votes for both.
(b) He tells everyone he has his own party.
(c) He votes for the third party.
(d) He admits to Ibe about the bribe.

15. What is the name of the tribe Chike was born into?
(a) Ike.
(b) Ula.
(c) Oli.
(d) Osu.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Rufus so popular?

2. What do Akueke's potential suitors buy for her brothers in a quest for her hand?

3. Where did the wizards live in the story Chike liked to read?

4. What took the form of a handsome man in order to destroy Onwuero?

5. What will Akueke's name be changed to?

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