Objects & Places from Girls at War, and Other Stories

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The Marketappears in The Madman, The Sacrificial Egg - It is the thriving center of Umura and a sacred place overseen by the goddess Nkwo.

Iyiappears in The Voter - It is covered with a red cloth when not being implemented and contains such power as to terrify even the young and strong Roof.

Nnaemeka's Wedding Photoappears in Marriage Is a Private Affair - Nnaemeka hopes that this will melt his father's chilly disposition.

The Eggappears in The Sacrificial Egg - This is left in the street at night as an offering to the fearsome spirit Kitikpa.

Red Inkappears in Vengeful Creditor - The young Veronica paints her nails and lips with this.

The Hedgerowsappears in Dead Men's Path - These cover over a path that the souls of dead men are said to take to the village.

White Horseappears in Uncle Ben's Choice - This is...

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