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The Madman, The Voter

• Nwibe is one of the communiy's rising stars and the beginning of the story sees him approach the ozo men of his village and propose that they admit him into their hierachy. Though they tell him, he needs to first prove his worth, Nwibe is not too concerned. It is only a matter of time before he starts to make his fortune.
• On the day of the Eke market, Nwibe finds himself having to mediate a dispute between his elder wife Mgboye and younger wife Udenko. Udenko is furious that Mgboye smacked her puppy for licking at her soup and questions why she didn;t cover the pot. Nwibe grows tired of their bickering, eventually telling them to shut up.

• Later, Nwibe is at the river washing himself when he sees a naked man standing on the other side. The man, obviously mad, had...

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