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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the God of the Lost do while it watches Trisha sleep?

2. Whose voice does Trisha hear on the radio after she falls and cannot stand back up?

3. What is Tom Gordon's uniform number?

4. In Chapter 10, Trisha find a headless corpse of what kind of animal?

5. Who has been holding onto Trisha's doll?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Trisha know the God of the Lost is following her?

2. How does Trisha rationalize the appearance of the hooded figures?

3. What do Trisha's parents debate about her memorial service?

4. Why do the authorities say hope for finding Trisha is fading?

5. Why does Trisha not run from the God of the Lost?

6. Why does the imaginary Tom Gordon say he points to the sky?

7. Why is Trisha excited to find a post in the woods?

8. Why does Trisha not look for more food when she sees that her supply is low?

9. Why does Trisha not eat the berries and mushrooms sees in Chapter 12?

10. Describe the appearance of the God of the Lost.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Given Trisha's struggle to find God, what do you think King is saying about believing in God? Does he seem to be promoting it? Use examples from the text to support your claim.

Essay Topic 2

What role does Trisha's Walkman play in the novel? What does it represent for her? Do you think it helps her survive?

Essay Topic 3

The phrase "the world has teeth" shows up several times in the novel. What do you think it means for Trisha? Why is it important that she learns this lesson at such a young age? Do you think she will be better off learning this lesson at a young age?

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