The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why do Quilla and Pete fight so much?

The mother and son fight because Quilla has divorced Pete's father, and he is angry about it. Pete also hates his new school, and thinks it is Quilla's fault that he is not happy.

2. How does Larry describe his ex-wife?

Larry describes Quilla as a highly determined woman. He says that if Quilla had been at Little Big Horn, the American Indians would have lost.

3. How does Larry feel about Tom Gordon?

Larry thinks Tom Gordon is the best baseball player and that he has ice water in his veins. Larry loves that Trisha looks up to him.

4. Describe the daydream Trisha has about Tom Gordon at the end of Chapter 1.

Trish daydreams that Tom Gordon meets her at the park. He offers to buy her hot dog in exchange for directions to North Berwick.

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