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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Trisha's favorite player is Tom Gordon because her father's favorite player is Tom Gordon. This lesson will look at Trisha's respect for her father.


1) Class discussion: Trisha mimics everything her father says about Tom Gordon. What does this say about her feelings for her father? What does it say about her feelings for Tom Gordon? Do you think she would still like Tom Gordon even if her father did not?

2) Partner discussion: Trisha clearly has a deep regard for her father, so why do her daydreams revolve around Tom? Is Tom a replacement in Trisha's mind for her father?

3) In class writing: Write a short essay of a few paragraphs about why it is important for Trisha to have things in common with her father. Does Trisha want her father to respect her?

4) Homework: Write a few paragraphs explaining the significance of Larry's colorful vocabulary...

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