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Chapter 1

• Trisha McFarland, a nine-year-old girl whose parents have recently divorced, is introduced.

• Trisha, her brother Pete, and their mother Quilla leave to go on a hike.

• Pete complains during the car ride because he does not want to go on another one of Quilla's outings.
• Pete and Quilla fight a lot since the divorce, mostly because Pete does not fit in at his new school.

• Trisha tries to divert the family from fighting, but she is unsuccessful.

• Trisha goes into her imaginary world, which is structured around Red Sox pitcher, Tom Gordon.

• Trisha wears her Red Sox cap, which her father Larry got Tom Gordon to sign.

• Trisha imagines that she meets Tom Gordon in the park and he buys her a hot dog.

Chapter 2

• Pete and Quilla stop arguing for a moment, and Pete fixes his sister's backpack strap.

• Quilla makes sure the kids have their...

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